Sabio Instruments a Division of Sutron Corporation; all of our products are manufactured and assembled in Georgetown, TX U.S.A. Sabio’s products have applications in the ambient air quality and combustion efficiency monitoring industries and have been the benchmark for quality, consistency, and precision calibration. Sabio specializes in systems for the pollution monitoring industry by manufacturing a host of products for the calibration of stationary monitoring systems or portable audit applications. Sabio equipment is marketed and sold throughout the world to a host of governmental agencies, research, education, and diverse industries.

About Us


Sabio Instruments is an environmental monitoring products and services company that was formed in 1992 to provide well-engineered technical solutions for industry and government. The company foundation is built upon a staff with years of experience in environmental applications, including:

  • Ambient Air and Meteorological Monitoring Services
  • Ambient Air and Meteorological Systems and Instrumentation
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • Consulting and Engineering Services
  • Product Design and Fabrication

The Sabio concept is different from traditional environmental product and service companies. Sabio does not try to be all things to all customers in the industry. The company philosophy has been to provide product offerings in areas that have been poorly served or have lacked in technological change and advancement. Sabio is the driving force in new technology in the areas of calibration devices and accessories used in the environmental industry. The following presents a small portion of technological change and or accomplishments by Sabio in the calibration market:

  • First to introduce a truly portable intelligent MFC dilution calibrator into the market. Approximately ¼ the weight and size of the smallest calibrators on the world market to date.
  • First to introduce a compact methane oxidizer for air clean-up that can remove methane to low concentrations at high flow rates.
  • First to introduce a quiet self enclosed zero air source that would mount in a standard 19” instrumentation rack where space is often times limited. In addition, added features unique to the market increased the longevity and reliability of the product.
  • First to introduce windows type software environment for use in the calibrator industry. The software features that have been introduced with our calibrator products continue to offer the most information, capability and diversity to the end-user, while remaining to be the easiest to set-up and operate.
  • First gas dilution calibrators with an accurate and very repeatable ozone generator.

Sabio is committed to provide the highest quality products, backed by strong and dependable service. Our company has increased its manufacturing space from 2,000 square feet in 1992 to over 12,000 square feet presently. Intrinsic to our growth over the years, is the quality and service provided to our clients by our extremely knowledgeable staff. The quality of our products is reflected in the use of dependable parts, limiting the amount of service required over a product’s lifetime. Because of our commitment to product excellence, Sabio has developed many long-term customer relationships.




Air & Waste Management Association 106th Annual Conference & Exhibition 2013, Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) 2012


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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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