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As the leader in chemical, risk and EHS compliance solutions, SafeTec can help solve your most complex compliance problems. SafeTec offers a web-based platform of software, services and information to manage chemical inventories and reduce environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks. SafeTec’s platform, The Safetec System, includes highly configurable (M)SDS management and chemical approval systems as well as chemical tracking, environmental reporting, emergency response, container labeling and (M)SDS authoring services.

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SafeTec offers a web-based platform of software, services and information to manage chemical inventories and reduce environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks. SafeTec’s platform, The Safetec System, includes highly configurable (M)SDS management and chemical approval systems as well as chemical tracking, environmental reporting, emergency response, container labeling and (M)SDS authoring services.

Founded in 1995, SafeTec quickly became known as the technology leader in delivering innovative chemical, risk and EHS compliance solutions. SafeTec currently serves over 400 customers across virtually every industry while maintaining a 98% client retention rate.

The SafeTec Difference

SafeTec collaborates with clients to unravel the complexities of EHS and chemical management, uncover unknown areas of risk, and optimize procedures and protocols. Many of the current modules in The Safetec System are a direct result of meetings with customers to discuss their most prevalent needs. We are a reliable, no-hassle chemical compliance management partner that listens, responds to and grows with our clients.

Cutting Edge Technology

SafeTec’s technology professionals work with Microsoft’s .NET development environment to create the most advanced and customizable chemical, risk and compliance platform on the market.

The Future of SafeTec

The Safetec System will continue providing our customers with up-to-date compliance data to help achieve unparalleled safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental compliance. Regulations are always changing, at the local, state and federal levels, and as they do The Safetec System will evolve to meet the needs of busy EH&S professionals.

Delivering value through Web-based customer-branded sites

Integrating (M)SDS information and chemical management

Your needs and requirements are exactly that...yours! At the core of your SafeTec system is your related chemical information; from (M)SDS information, to inventory information, workflow routing & approval data, safety and toxicology data, etc. All the information you need to effectively manage and use it in a number of ways, for a number of applications.

The SafeTec platform is built on top of that data, and serves it up to a variety of users in your organization, from Right-to-Know Users, to Risk Management, to EHS Professionals. Only the information they need to perform their job, since access to sets of functionality and data is controlled by user permissions and passwords based on each individual's organizational role.

Delivering it on a Web-based platform gives all users access 24/7 from anywhere there is a connection to the internet. Your SafeTec site is custom-engineered with your look and feel, with your custom dashboard administrative console that presents you with a set of tools for (M)SDS archive and retrieval, chemical management, container tracking, planning, reporting, etc.

Integrating (M)SDS Information and Chemical Inventory Functionality

Applying the SafeTec Approach to Chemical Management

Better-Leverage Existing Chemical Information
SafeTec's integrated chemical inventory functionality provides your organization with a proven methodology for chemical inventory management. The SafeTec Approach applied to Chemical management means that you're able to fully leverage your existing chemical information already resident in the chemical database. This proves to be an extremely effective methodology, as it makes the entry of chemicals into inventory—as well as subsequent management and tracking—on a facility or enterprise level.

Tracking and Trending
The system provides exceptional inventory control detail, including 5-level location tracking and detailed container tracking. This level of flexibility in inventory control options applies to a wide range chemical management functions; from simple entry, to monitoring, tracking, trending, and reporting on your chemical inventory

All chemical inventory information is integrated with both the chemical database and SafeTec's reporting capabilities to form a fully integrated solution.

At a minimum, any EH&S decision must be fiscally responsible and at best should SAVE the company money. SafeTec’s compliance solutions will reduce your expenses by addressing important factors.

Reduction of Management and Labor Costs – An automated (M)SDS and chemical management system reduces the administrative and employee hours needed to maintain chemical compliance.

These time-consuming projects often include:

  • Inventory – Taking a comprehensive count of all chemicals across the facility or across the enterprise
  • Acquisition – Researching and collecting the correct documentation from credible sources
  • Copying – Eliminate duplicating/distributing documentation as mandated by OSHA guidelines
  • Binders – Elimination of (M)SDS binders throughout the organization
  • Labeling – Formatting and printing secondary labels that are both accurate and clear
  • Reporting – Collecting and coordinating vast amounts of data and performing the complex calculations required to prepare Tier I, II and Sara 313 reports

Consolidation of Chemicals and Suppliers – When an organization has an accurate picture of its chemical inventory, purchasing redundancies can be identified and opportunities for vendor consolidation are exposed. Buying higher volumes of chemicals from fewer suppliers increases buying power and reduces purchasing costs.

Reduction of Risk – Maintaining compliance reduces the risk of fines, closures and litigation.

Increased Worker Health and Safety – Productivity and profitability increase when you have fewer employee sick days and worker’s compensation claims.

SafeTec is proud to be the first company in the industry to achieve full .NET status, providing the foundation that allows us to offer superior configurability and customization to match our customer needs.

  • In 2003, SafeTec leap-frogged the market by releasing version 7.0 of Chemical Compliance Manager (CCM), the first Microsoft .NET based (M)SDS and chemical management application.
  • In 2007, SafeTec again transcended the competition with the release of CCM v8.0, our flagship software suite, providing best-in-class flexibility, integration, advanced features and usability.

Technology-driven Innovation

SafeTec developed Dynamic Framework, a rapid application development technology, to build the entire suite of SafeTec products. Dynamic Framework allows SafeTec to develop new features, modules and extensions quickly and integrate them seamlessly with existing core technologies.

As a result, SafeTec operates on the leading edge of development, delivering high quality, robust new functionality at break-neck speed.

Maximizing customization

Already the acknowledged leader in software customization, SafeTec has once again raised the bar of innovation for our competitors through development of Dynamic Forms technology. This application dynamically generates nearly every aspect of our web pages, maximizing SafeTec’s ability to customize its software suite to suite our customers specific needs.

Serving a global economy

SafeTec’s Dynamic Globalization Engine (DGE) builds on Microsoft’s .NET localization application to provide a robust technology that can translate every element of text within our customized systems into virtually any language; these translations can also be adjusted to accommodate region-specific variations.