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  • 24-Hour Emergency Response Hotline Services

    24-Hour Emergency Response Hotline Services

    SafeTec’s 24-Hour Emergency Response Hotline allows you to access your safety data sheets (SDS) by fax, and to receive emergency medical support by phone. We’ll fax you any SDS in your inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and our medical specialists provide round-the-clock assistance in case of chemical spills or exposure.

  • Hazard Communication Signage Service

    Hazard Communication Signage Service

    OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard was developed to ensure that information about potential health hazards from handling and exposure to chemicals and associated protective measures are disseminated. This is accomplished by requiring chemical manufacturers and importers to evaluate the hazards of the chemicals they produce or import, and to provide information about them...

  • Safety Data Sheet Management Services

    Safety Data Sheet Management Services

    SafeTec‘s end-to-end safety data sheet (SDS) management solutions remove the challenges associated with safety data sheet management, while allowing you to proactively analyze and plan for your entire chemical portfolio through a combination of technology, regulatory information, and services. Our team will help identify your requirements, then configure SafeTec’s SDS...

  • On-Site Chemical Inventory Services

    On-Site Chemical Inventory Services

    Maintaining an up-to-date database of your chemical inventories is not only necessary for meeting compliance with OSHA regulations, but also crucial for supporting safe and effective chemical risk management in the workplace. As part of our recommended best-practice approach for ensuring an accurate SDS collection, SafeTec offers on-site inventory services — a solution that...

  • SDS Authoring & Consulting Services

    SDS Authoring & Consulting Services

    Adoption and compliance of HazCom standards are driving demand for safety data sheet authoring services. To assist environmental, health, and safety professionals, SafeTec offers market-leading authoring and consulting services that help in the writing and publishing of high-quality, compliant SDS documents. Our experienced Authoring team functions as an addition to your in-house EHS...

  • Secondary Container Labeling Services

    Secondary Container Labeling Services

    Companies with hazardous products and chemicals stored in secondary containers are generally required by regulatory standards to provide labeling for products used by employees. Labeling helps promote a safe work environment, allowing users to quickly identify materials and respond to emergencies. The required label format and data elements can differ greatly by region and regulatory agency. Historically, OSHA has only required that labeling of...