Safety In Your Hand, Inc

The genesis of this cloud / mobile system is found in an article by Founder Jeffrey Lewis called ‘Eliminating the paper checklist’ in 2001 based on 25 years industrial experience. However, the mobile technology had to catch with the concept of placing all the work information related to a technician’s safety at their fingertips via a mobile to achieve his mission of incident-free facilities. The patent 6994258 was assigned. While awaiting the technology to catch up, Jeffrey Lewis honed his ISO Management System consulting skills, in Silicon Valley on behalf of Manex Consulting (NIST representative), acting as their sole consultant to small and medium sized business in the state of California. ISO Management System attributes provided the platform for the technology format and the embedded management ‘controls’ and OSHA Standards for the program’s release in 2012 on the Window’s OS and in 2013 iOS.

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2225 East Bayshore Road , Palo Alto , CA 94303 USA

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Software vendor
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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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