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  • Safety Gloves

  • Nitrile Safety Gloves

    Nitrile Safety Gloves

    Nitrile Safety Gloves. Nitrile is an elastic material similar to latex, but is NOT latex. Nitrile gloves are usually BLUE. Nitrile safety gloves are more puncture and abrasion-resistant than vinyl and latex. Nitrile safety gloves are popular with healthcare providers, mechanics and persons involved in industrial applications. Nitrile safety gloves are typically more expensive than latex or vinyl.

  • Latex Safety Gloves

    Latex Safety Gloves

    Latex safety gloves. For form, fit and function, latex gloves are the best. Latex safety gloves provide superior barrier protection and are durable. CAUTION: Latex gloves contain natural rubber latex that may cause allergic reactions. Do not use latex gloves if you or someone you may come in contact with is allergic to latex. Use a synthetic alternative such as vinyl or nitrile.

  • Food Service Gloves

    Food Service Gloves

    Poly Ethylene (P/E, Food service) Gloves. Food service (P/E) gloves are made from high density plastic (loose sandwich bag-type gloves commonly used by food service workers). This is the preferred glove by food service establishments because it’s inexpensive while giving the appearance that workers are using some type of barrier protection. A virus or food borne bacteria can easily pass through the glove.

  • Hard Hats

  • Comfort Plus 6151, Type 1, Hard Hat

    Comfort Plus 6151, Type 1, Hard Hat

    Comfort Plus 6151 Features: Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standard for Type I, Class G, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Shell...dissipates impact energy, 6-Point Polyester Strap Suspension, Ratchet suspension...swivels for optimum adjustment while wearing, Brushed nylon backed foam sweatband, Universal accessory slots.

  • Ua Tactical Stealth Beanie (Black)

    Ua Tactical Stealth Beanie (Black)

    Classic cuffed acrylic beenie lined with Under Armour Heatgear fabric, embroidered stealth logo. Ideal for tactical work in chilly temps. Features Moisture Transport Technology that wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the user dry. Under Armour is a leading supplier of high quality performance apparel and accessories developed with the latest innovation. WARNING! This product is not flame-retardant, never use this Under Armour® product as a...