Saipem S.p.A.

Saipem S.p.A.

Saipem is one of the worldwide leaders in the oil & gas contracting services sector, both onshore and offshore. The Company began operations in the ’50s. During the ’50s and ’60s it accumulated competencies in onshore pipelaying, plant construction and drilling, operating initially as a division of Eni and then on a stand-alone basis, becoming definitively autonomous in 1969. Offshore operations commenced in the Mediterranean in the early `60s and expanded to the North Sea in 1972. The Company started offering its services to customers outside the Eni group in the early ‘60s and progressively widened its customer base to include almost all the supermajors, majors, major nationals and independent oil & gas companies worldwide.

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Via Martiri di Cefalonia, 67 , San Donato Milanese (Milan) , N.A. Italy

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Service provider
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Globally (various continents)

We are one of the global leaders in the Engineering & Construction and Drilling businesses, with a strong bias towards oil & gas-related activities in remote areas and deep-waters. We excel in the provisioning of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services, with distinctive skills and capabilities in the design and execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects. We also offer cutting-edge technologies for the gas monetization and heavy oil exploitation.

Saipem has led the trend in boosting local content by developing impressive facilities in West Africa and the FSU and in the Middle East by employing a large number of local workers with no equal in the industry. While developing the fleet and the local content, the Company started to reinforce its engineering & project management capabilities to cope with the other important market trend towards large integrated EPCI and EPC projects at first in the offshore activities and later on in the onshore activities. Onshore this was achieved principally through a number of acquisitions, culminating in the acquisition of Bouygues Offshore in 2002. This was the largest cross-border acquisition in Europe in the oil services sector. Subsequently responding to the recent industry trend towards large onshore EPC projects, including those related to gas monetization, exploitation of difficult oil (heavy oil, tar sands, etc.), and in order to strengthen its position in the Middle East and its national oil company client base, in 2006 Saipem acquired Snamprogetti, one of the major engineering and construction companies active in the international market in the design and execution of large onshore projects for the production and treatment of hydrocarbons and natural gas monetization. The result has been the creation of an exceptional contractor with a strong bias towards oil & gas related activities in remote areas and deepwater, a leader in the provision of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services with distinctive capabilities in the design and the execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects, also with high technological competences such as gas monetization and heavy oil exploitation. Saipem has recently carried out an important investment programme started in 2006 aimed at reinforcing and expanding its drilling and construction fleet and other assets required by projects to back up the local content and in particular state-of-the-art advanced assets designed to meet the challenges of the production and transportation of hydrocarbons in ultra deep waters and in frontier areas. Saipem has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1984 (having previously been a wholly owned subsidiary of Eni). Eni currently owns approximately 43% of Saipem.

We approach each challenge with innovative, reliable and secure solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Through multicultural working groups we are able to provide sustainable development for our company and for the communities in which we operate.

Innovation; health, safety and environment; multiculturalism; passion; integrity.

Engineering & Construction

We have built a solid EPC / EPCI (EPC - Engineering / Procurement / Construction; EPCI - Engineering / Procurement / Construction / Installation) business model which allows us to be among the world leaders in the onshore and offshore services sector for the oil & gas industry. We offer our clients the most effective solutions thanks to EPC / EPCI contracts in which Saipem is completely responsible for all phases of the project, allowing greater development and local content investments.


We operate around the world in the most onshore and offshore hostile areas thanks to state-of-the-art drilling vessels. On behalf of the major oil companies, we work in Europe, in the former Soviet Union countries, North and West Africa, the Middle and Far East and the Americas.

Our drilling services are often carried out in synergy with our onshore and offshore activities, ensuring a constant level of technological development and efficiency.