Saltworks Technologies is an advanced water treatment solutions provider. We have invented cost effective and robust desalination systems for the world’s most demanding water treatment applications. Saltworks supplies patented Flex EDR and SaltMaker systems and offers engineering services, pilot rentals, equipment sales, and turn-key delivery of build-own-operate plants. Our focus is safety, quality, and the delivery of robust, cost effective solutions. In addition to our engineering offices and manufacturing plants, we are an owner-operator of pilot and full-scale systems running 24-7. Our fully permitted test facility is the ideal location to develop processes for your application or factory acceptance test and train your staff on a full scale plant prior to deployment. Our worldwide customers include oil, gas, mining, landfills, aerospace and defense. We will work with you to implement equipment skids into your process or develop the optimal treatment train from the ground up.

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SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer Plant

SaltMaker is a low temperature evaporator crystallizer wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that produces solids for zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and freshwater from highly impaired wastewaters, and the toughest brines.

Modular, full scale ElectroChem advanced electrodialysis

Flex EDR is an advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) system for industrial wastewater desalination and reuse.  Patented advantages over traditional electrodialysis enable reliable, high concentration operation and increased recoveries.


  • Organically impaired waters
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Mine runoff and process water
  • Oil & gas produced water
  • Food & beverage wastewater
  • RO hybrids & brine concentrator

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IonFlux advanced ion exchange membranes

IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes deliver best-in-class performance using breakthrough polymer technology. These anion, cation, and proton exchange membranes have high ion transference and permselectivity, are stable over a wide pH and temperature range, and have excellent mechanical durability. IonFlux Ion Exchange Membranes are utilized in Saltworks’  Flex EDR electrodialysis wastewater desalination platform, and are manufactured in our quality assured production facility. 

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Waste waters, oil & gas produced waters, shale fracking water, mine mineral and acid rock run off, tailings,  landfill leachate, zero liquid discharge (ZLD), reverse osmosis and industrial brines - we've developed solutions for them all.

Reach true zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and offset disposal and trucking costs. Maximize recoveries and water reuse.

Reach true zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and offset disposal and trucking costs. Maximize Recoveries and water reuse. 

Remove and destroy ammonia to meet any wastewater discharge requirement. A compact, expandable and controllable ammonia wastewater treatment solution.


  • Wastewater treatment plant effluent and centrate
  • Landfill leachate
  • Mine discharge
  • Fertilizer plant discharge
  • Industrial ammonia wastewaters

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Treat any landfill leachate in one step for sewer or surface discharge. Reduce disposal and off-site trucking.