Samaritan Water LLC

Samaritan Water is a distributor of the patented “Magnetic Ballast Clarification” (MBC). With this equipment we provide the simplest, most cost-effective and reliable water treatment systems available; specializing in innovative solutions to water treatment problems.

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6904 Hillside Ct , Raleigh , NC USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Our keynote technology, Magnetic Ballast Clarification, provides the best high rate clarification on the market today.  This technology uses magnetic forces supplied by permanent rare earth magnets to remove fine pollutant particles that have been attached to magnetite using a flocculating polymer. The Magnetic Ballast Clarification Separator (MBC) is designed to efficiently remove fine pollutant particles from water in a small footprint. A Magnetic Ballast Clarification unit of only 4 feet by 5 feet can treat as much as 200 GPM or 290,000 GPD of water. Units are scalable and much larger capacity units are available. The Magnetic Ballast Clarifier can be retrofitted into existing treatment systems to enhance
performance or installed as a new system to meet tight discharge limits at the lowest cost.

To produce the best water treatment systems and to make these systems affordable; to bring these systems to the world, and especially to the poorest of the poor,

By promoting and modeling these core values:

Christ, Family and Others

Honesty, Integrity and Morality

Excellence in Applied Water Technologies

Good Stewardship

-         Profit through sound and fair business practices

-         Good Value, great product at a fair and reasonable price

To provide the very best in water treatment solutions, and….

To bring value to every project.

Samaritan Water was formed to be a conduit for emerging water treatment technologies and ideas and their application in providing clean water and saving lives.  As founders of the company, we believe that great opportunity to realize our vision exists in developing nations where recent advances can help nations, unencumbered by existing infrastructure, leap past traditional solutions for water treatment.  As our name implies we endeavor to do this by also giving back to the communities in which we work in many and varied ways.

Mark Baldwin

Mark is an entrepreneur who started his first business right out of college in the mid-1980′s.  After over 25 years in business Mark seeks to utilize his experience by initiating business projects that will also have a positive economic, social and spiritual impact on the communities involved.   What better than water?

Tom McManus

Tom started his career by cofounding Habitat for Humanity/Boston along with some other faith based community development ventures. His general contracting and real estate licenses enabled him to do a wide variety of residential and commercial construction, along with real estate deveopment projects. He has sold agricultural machinery to the Republic of Congo and is involved with other overseas commercial ventures as well. Samaritan Waters’ simple and innovative technology will provide emerging countries with great opportunities for growth and health ! 

Consulting Engineer

Engineer Steve Cort will be a contributing consultant to Samaritan Water.  Mr. Cort has been involved in chemicals and water treatment for over 9 years and is the inventor of the Magnetic Ballast Clarification equipment Samaritan Water will be using.