specializes in environmental groundwater monitoring well sampling. Our system is designed to help you manage your projects in a trouble free, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We provide all routine groundwater monitoring well sampling for one low fixed per-well cost. In addition to sample collection, an online database and auto report preparation system service incorporating all sampling data is maintained for the client, and can be accessed by the client at anytime, free of charge. We specialize in collecting groundwater monitoring well samples and the associated field data and we deliver that data in a reporting format that you can use. These services are provided to you via a secure web-based management system that is efficient and easy to use……and best of all free.

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1200 W. 11th St. Suite 228 , Traverse City , Michigan 49621 USA
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Software vendor
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
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Nationally (across the country)

SampleServe helps environmental managers and consultants make smarter decisions and reduce risk through data science. Our software can help you schedule and streamline the collection of environmental samples, coordinate with labs, and instantly create field data tables and graphs, analytical data tables and graphs, analytical box maps, combination analytical results/groundwater elevation graph, groundwater contour maps, isochemical contour maps and other visuals needed to produce sophisticated yet easy to understand environmental reports. We help smart companies better manage their data and gain new insights by consolidating historical data, field data, and analytical data into a single source of truth. Our flexible yet streamlined approach to data management allows teams to visualize their data in new ways. SampleServe's project management tool helps teams to work more efficiently, reduce errors, lower project costs and automate repetitive tasks. Set up and manage new sampling projects, add work scopes and site maps, schedule sampling events, automatically order sample containers, print sample container labels (no handwriting), and much more through our web app.