We have been developing vacuum technology for more than 60 years, and are stronger today than ever before. As the only company to focus solely on the production of liquid ring vacuum pumps, we have a wealth of expertise and know-how at our disposal. We therefore don’t compete on price. Instead, we set the bar for quality and reliability that saves money in the long term and gives peace of mind throughout the life of the pump. Samson currently exports to more than 80 countries around the world.

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Petersmindevej 21 , Viborg , DK-8800 Denmark

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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One Technology
Liquid ring vacuum pump technology lies at the heart of everything we do at Samson Pumps. This means that today, Samson Pumps is the only company in the world to specialise exclusively in liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Samson currently exports to more than 80 countries around the world.

60 Years With Vacuum
We have been developing vacuum technology for more than 60 years, and are stronger today than ever before.

From Pump to System
We constantly adapt our products to meet the changing needs of our customers.
Today, it is not enough to simply produce a pump. Products must be refined so the customer can concentrate on what they do best. We therefore offer a wide range of standardised components that allow our customers to build vacuum systems without the need for specialist in-house expertise.

Strength and sustainability are fundamental to Samson Pumps. No other pump has proven stronger than a Samson pump.

In 1944, the village of Tange near Viborg became home to a new type of company: Tange Specialværksted. This “special workshop” specialized in the repair of horseshoes and reaper-binders and listened exactly to what their customers were asking for. In other words, developments in the agricultural world influenced the development of the workshop – and vice versa. Before long, the workshop was servicing most of the surrounding area, repairing everything

from bridles to sewer cleaners, the latter of which gave rise to the first liquid ring vacuum pumps. Demand for this new type of pump grew quickly as new applications were found. In 1950 the company was renamed Maskinfabrikken Samson. Soon, development of the first vacuum tankers were to prove that Fabrikken Samson was here to stay.

To keep up with increasing mechanization, the factory expanded significantly during the following years. In 1965, we established our first vacuum division. Since that point, we have focused on producing the world’s best vacuum pump.

Across a range of industries
Today, we help customers in a range of industries, such as offshore, fishing, food, process and waste management.

Constant development
Every one of our pumps undergoes constant development. Time and again our products are acclaimed both at home and abroad for their performance and reliability. Ambition, investment and potential are just part of the reason for our success. None of what we have achieved would have been possible without the right mix of talented employees. We know our customers and we know their challenges. We therefore develop strong solutions that meet their requirements. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

The Samson Pumps test center is a modern, fully automated installation provided with all additional equipment, required of liquid ring pumps and units or complete vacuum systems. The test center is an essential part of our Quality Management System. Through the years the test center has proved to increase the additional value of the products and services, delivered to customers all over the world.

The current test center is only two years old and has been designed on the basic of many years of experiences with the previous test facilities. The decision about investment in the new test center was made due to increased quality standards for Samson products and new technological experiences at Samson Pumps.

Test of new as well as serviced pumps
Due to a sophisticated computer program, that controls the test operation, The assembly specialists are able to view a range of operating parameters and detect any deviation from the standard parameters for each pump. To ensure performance and maximum traceability every pump is tested with under a unique production number. Besides performance the pumps are also tested for leaks, vibrations and energy consumption. Test of pumps are the last step in Samson Pumps’ production chain before the shipment.

Many years of experience
Testing of each product has been a standard procedure at Samson Pumps for many years and proved to be high valued by our customers for an accurate test results and high quality of the delivered vacuum equipment.

Vacuum conveying – we test your products

  • The test center is also actively used for conducting of experiments with vacuum conveying of a range of products. Many products (among others fruits, vegetables, bones, meat cuts, by-products from fish and meat production, bread dough,
  • frozen buns, flour etc.) have been successfully tested on a Samson vacuum conveying plant, which can be built up with standard components. In this way any Samson pump can be tested for best performance for a certain application.
  • The test center is many of Samson Pumps OEM customers have already had the opportunity to participate in the vacuum conveying tests and utilized the benefits of close co-operation with Samson Pumps vacuum experts built up in
  • two different pipe systems 4” and 6” each up to 100m.