Sapphire Water International Corporation.

Sapphire Water International Corporation.

Sapphire Water International Corporation.

Sapphire Water International Corporation. Sapphire Water was quickly established as a fully integrated manufacturer of advanced, environmentally sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions. With over decades of combined experience in potable and wastewater treatment, we operate out of Humboldt and Watson, Saskatchewan, with our head office in Calgary, Alberta. With over 2,000 successful installations worldwide, the MBBR is a proven wastewater treatment technology. MBBR systems require less space than conventional wastewater treatment systems because the biomass is more concentrated, and the efficiency of the system is less dependent on the final sludge separation.

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Suite 1600, 530 – 8th Avenue SW , Calgary , Alberta T2P 3S8 Canada
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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In April of 2007, the private equity firm Mancal Group purchased Central Water Conditioning in Watson, Saskatchewan and T.J. Electric in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, and merged them into one company.

We are based in “Small Town Saskatchewan” by choice. We believe that for a community to trust us with their water, we need to completely understand all their needs. We live with the same water our clients live with, so we understand how important it is that each of their needs is fully met with a modern, cost-effective solution.

Our design team supports and encourages green building processes and low-impact developments as an integral part of our solutions strategy. We strive to reduce our overall impact on the local environment and surrounding communities by providing leading-edge treatment technologies that use less power to operate, require no harmful chemicals, and can return clean water back into nature.

Providing access to a reliable source of drinking water or proper wastewater disposal for remote communities in Canada, especially First Nation communities, is important to us at Sapphire Water. Though most remote communities have access to a source of water, it is typically unsuitable for drinking. To avoid adverse health affects from disease-causing microbes and other contaminants in their drinking water, many remote First Nation communities have been under boil-water advisories for up to a decade. With our proprietary SIBROM pre-treatment system, we have been able to provide many First Nation communities with an effective and affordable method to treat their harsh groundwater. We have improved the health, economy, and quality of life for members of these communities across Canada.