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Sapphos Environmental, Inc.

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  • Resource Management

  • Resource Management Plans Services

    Resource Management Plans Services

    Sapphos Environmental Inc. has provided reserve and natural lands management services to public- and private-sector clients since the founding of the firm. The firm has prepared resource management plans for a diversity of habitats, including grasslands, coastal sage scrub, coastal dunes, alluvial fan sage scrub, riparian, and woodland habitats. Resource management plans have been prepared in support of California Coastal Commission permits,...

  • Habitat Delineation and Restoration Services

    Habitat Delineation and Restoration Services

    Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has successfully designed and implemented restoration plans for a variety of special status species and wetlands, demonstrating that public infrastructure and private development projects can achieve a “no net loss of habitat function and value” and allow special status species to “survive and recover” in the wild. Qualified botanists, certified wetland delineators, and permitted wildlife biologists...