Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

Since 2001, SARVA has been developing and manufacturing the cost-effective, environmentally-friendly bioremediation products. Our products are used for remediation of various hydrocarbon contamination in soil and water including gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, transformer oil, heating oil, etc. We provide a cost-effective and green alternative to traditional cleanup.

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310 B Emig Road , Emigsville , 17318 PA USA
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Site Remediation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Sarva Bio Remed, LLC, (or SARVA for short) manufactures patented solutions for the restoration of industrially contaminated sites. The company is named after the ancient Sanskrit word for “complete.” or total bioremediation achieved through a process patented by Satya Ganti, President & CEO. SARVA’s bioremediation technology is eco-friendly and remediates contamination with only a single treatment in most cases.

SARVA’s 100% biological, non-toxic hydrocarbon remediation products are included in the National Contingency Product list of the U.S. EPA for open-water spills. These products allow the activity of bacteria to disperse the pollutants without adding external surfactants or detergents to facilitate the breakup of oil film.

Our products have been used in cleanup of many industrial and residential fuel oil spills. Remediation using SARVA products has proven cost-effective and fast because more than 90% cleanup is completed within 21 days after a single application.  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and fumes are generally eliminated within minutes.

We work closely with various state and local regulatory agencies as well as environment consultants to help close oil contamination projects often under tight budgetary constraints. For example, Virginia Department of Environment Quality (VA DEQ) has a limit of $ 1,000.00 as an amount allocated by the State for cleanup of residential spills for reimbursement: VaporRemed has always met these constraints for the project.

*Disclaimer: SpillRemed is on the US EPA’s NCP Product Schedule. This listing does not mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies or authorizes the use of SpillRemed (Marine) on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have been submitted to the US EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan 40 CFR Section 300.915

SARVA Bio Remed, LLC welcomes experienced partners outside of the USA for distributing our unique products worldwide and is seeking new projects, co-development opportunities, and sites for remediation around the Globe.

Our core technology is based on patented biodispersion technology ( US Patent: 6,267,888; Canadian Patent: 2,338,249) that outlines a method of removal of oil from various contaminated environments. Our products comprise of a consortium of indigenous oil degrading bacteria that remediate the oil by bio-dispersion followed by bio-utilization. The bacteria in the product first disperse the film of the oil into smaller droplets that is then followed by the process of bio-utilization wherein the small droplets of oil are then consumed by the same bacterial consortium to convert the hydrocarbon chain into carbon dioxide and water. The process of bioremediation is an oxidative process and the bacteria are aerobic or live on oxygen.

Available in a Ready-To-Use (RTU) form.

SARVA products are available in a Ready To Use liquid that perform vigorously and immediately upon application. SARVA process is green, non-toxic and environment friendly and there is no waste for disposal.

Speed of remediation.

SARVA guarantees remediation with faster turn-around time.

Guaranteed Cost Effective.

Our products generally require a single application but continue to remediate oil on site without any supervision or maintenance. Most importantly they work on site.

Safe for Groundwater Treatment.

SARVA products are 100% non-toxic to aquatic forms and the US EPA has added SpillRemed (Marine)  for use on open water oil spills as a bioremediation agent.