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Effective treatment of oil slops and oil sludge waste is now possible with the MIST System by SAS Environmental Services. The natural next step in the evolution of chemical expertise, the right engineering and the use of the right process for the oil waste you need to treat. The SAS MIST system is the completely integrated solution bringing together all of the parts of the puzzle and resulting in dry solids and recovered oil.

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9 Caputhall Road, Deans Industrial Estate , Livingston , EH54 8AS United Kingdom

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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Globally (various continents)
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Oil Recovery from Waste

Oil Waste Management Re-Invented
The SAS oil waste treatment products are used around the world since 2000 for the recovery of oil from waste such oil sludge, refinery waste, heavy oil waste pits, drilling waste pits, drill cuttings, oil sand, oil slops, ships oil waste and a range of other oil waste materials. Our chemistry splits the oil, water and solids phases and with oil and water often being 80% of the sludge content this means an instant waste reduction of 80%. No stabilising of the solids is required and this can often mean an order of magnitude reduction in transport costs after using the SAS chemistry.

Our SAS SludgeTreat products and SAS SlopTreat products can be used in your existing process or combined with our MIST ECO System, our mobile oil waste treatment plants. When using our SAS chemistry you can achieve:

  • 80% Or more reduction in solid waste
  • Virtually all oil recovered
  • A robust and consistent oil waste treatment process

Our MIST ECO System enables mobile, high throughput and low cost treatment of virtually all types of oil waste. From oil slops to heavy oil sludge or drill cuttings. Our MIST systems can produce dry solids, high quality oil and water for re-use or disposal. The MIST systems are robust, versatile and have a small footprint. The MIST systems rig up quickly and are easy to operate.

Who We Are

SAS-ES  products have been used to treat more than 100,000 tons of slop and sludge waste.

We provide highly effective chemistries that simplify cleaning, treating and disposal processes. This approach helps our customers reduce cleaning times, reduce waste and maximize oil recovery. By delivering these benefits, we help our customers improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

The SAS-ES products are based on a range of patented chemistries developed by SAS specifically to meet the challenges of the oil and gas industry. The chemistries utilize microemulsion technology, which is extremely effective at separating oil, water and solids.

SAS-ES works with oil operators, service providers, refineries, waste management companies, tank cleaning companies and distributors. SAS-ES is based in Scotland, with a global network of distributors, agents and partners servicing markets around the world.