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  • Oil Sludge Treatment Services

    Oil Sludge Treatment Services

    SAS SludgeTreat helps refineries and waste management companies save millions of dollars every year by maximizing oil recovery and minimizing hazardous waste volumes. The products effectively split even the toughest oil sludge into its main parts of oil, water and solids without the need for costly heating or multi-million dollar engineering systems.

  • Mud Pit Cleaning Services

    Mud Pit Cleaning Services

    Removing oil based drilling mud from mud pits, tanks or supply vessels can be a tough task with caked mud stubbornly resisting efforts to be removed. Mobilizing the mud and getting out of the pit without plugging lines and pumps and taking days is common. Delays in cleaning the pits and tanks are expensive, tie up teams that could be on to their next job.

  • Wellbore Clean Solutions

    Wellbore Clean Solutions

    SAS WellboreClean™ is designed specifically to help service companies reduce well cleanup times, minimize operational downtime for operators and maximize production from drilling sites.

  • Waste Treatment Services

    Waste Treatment Services

    Our chemistry is different. In a good way. We also know after 14 years of oil waste management projects that the chemistry is only a part of the puzzle. Our products need to work in your process, with your waste. Our experience tells us that there is a winning approach. It is as follows.  You contact SAS. We work with you to understand your waste, your process and what you need to achieve. You ship us a sample of waste (to our UK or USA lab). We...

  • Drilling Waste Treatment Services

    Drilling Waste Treatment Services

    The treatment of liquid oil waste from drilling, production and cleaning operations is often challenging. Whether the waste is oil slops, flowback, well washing or pit washings, the nature of the waste with solids, oil and water makes it hard separate.