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  • Blades Sharpening Services

    Blades Sharpening Services

    Lifetime of a blade set is one of the main features  customers should evaluate before buying a shredder. SatrindTech offers the highest quality blades customers can find in the market. Our blades are made of hot forged steel, specially developed for extremely heavy-work conditions which have core-hardened thanks to a multiple-steps process. Such production cycle grants high hardness and resilience levels. Choosing our shredders means that blades...

  • Spare Parts and Maintenances Services

    Spare Parts and Maintenances Services

    We only sell original parts, the same we use for building our shredders, to ensure the same standards in reliability, performances and lifetime of the machines.

  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

    Documentation: Copies of the original documents related to our shredders (user manuals, certifications and spare parts lists) are available in case of need. Used machines: Do you want to sell us back your old shredders? Give us a call, we might be interested. Our second-hand machines on sale are completely refurbished in compliance with the current safety standards.