Sauereisen Inc.

Sauereisen Inc.

Sauereisen - A Leader in the manufacture of speciality cements and corrosion-resistant materials of construction. Sauereisen is a third-generation company that has grown into one of the best-known corrosion-resistant material manufacturers in the world. Our product portfolio includes a complete line of organic and inorganic corrosion-resistant materials of construction for new and rehabilitation applications. Sauereisen remains dedicated to solving the problems requiring specialty materials. Our main areas of expertise are the restoration of infrastructure, the prevention of corrosion, and the insulation of high-temperature instrumentation.

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160 Gamma Drive , Pittsburgh , PA 15238 USA
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Third-generation Manufacturer and Two-time Recipient of the Presidential 'E Star' Award for Exporting Excellence

We've come a long way since 1899, when C. Fred Sauereisen developed the first Sauereisen high-temperature adhesive cement that was used within practically every automobile manufactured in the US (and is still popular for high temperature adhesive applications).

Today, our product portfolio has grown to include a complete line of organic and inorganic corrosion-resistant materials of construction for new and rehabilitation applications. Examples of our areas of expertise: restoration of infrastructure, the prevention of corrosion, sulfur bonding compounds and the insulation of high-temperature instrumentation.

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past century and look forward to solving challenges with our customers over the next 100 years.

Sauereisen| A High-Touch, Hands-On Approach

A third-generation company, Sauereisen is in the business of producing protective linings, coatings and ceramics for industrial uses.

Yet according to Eric Sauereisen, President, he likes to think of the company as being in the information business. 'The constant improvements in communication has played into our hands and allows us to give a very high level of service that people don't expect. We've been consistent in aligning that high-touch and hands-on approach not unlike a family. You see us when you need us and you see us a lot in between. It's why I like to say we have grown from a family company to a company family. Our success is not really what the family dictates, but what the family generates from the entire team. We couldn't have gotten this far if it was family alone.”

Quick Facts
  • In 1899, C. Fred Sauereisen founded the Sauereisen Cements Company by formulating  our first product, Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement. This bonding agent is still used around the globe for high-temperature electrical assembly applications.
  • For over a century, privately owned American manufacturer headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Sauereisen, has been dedicated to increasing the life expectancy of the world’s infrastructure, utilizing proven solutions.
  • Our expertise is drawn from three generations of supplying corrosion protection to many aggressive industries such as wastewater, chemical, petrochemical and power.
  • Sauereisen provides superior service and technical expertise on every project. We supply a team of professionals who assist in the speci­fication development/enforcement and is intimately involved in contractor training, application and inspection. This approach to project partnerships furthers our reputation and legacy of proven engineered solutions.
  • Sauereisen offers 100% solids, VOC-compliant, Green coatings and linings for corrosive environments. for decades.
  • Our material developments, plus real-world experience, have allowed Sauereisen to continually meet customer challenges over its long history.



Over a century of specialty cement development

Founded by C. Fred Sauereisen in 1899, Fred was a mostly self-taught ceramist who worked with George Westinghouse on the first porcelain insulator. Fred's interest in ceramics launched the Sauereisen Cement Company and by applying his knowledge, he developed a signature product – Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. 1 – that served as the core of an entire product line.

This was only the beginning of what rapidly grew to be an internationally known manufacturer and distributor of engineered products.

Today, more than a century later, Sauereisen continues to be a family-run company which continues the tradition of new and innovative ideas while maintaining the strength of strong core values that C. Fred Sauereisen introduced so long ago.

Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. 1

This bonding agent was the 1st product formulated by Sauereisen Cements Company and is still used globally for high-temperature electrical assembly applications (automotive and appliance industries).

SewerGard No. 210

Created and developed by Sauereisen, this field-tested and proven unique polymer lining system is specifcally formulated for municipal and industrial wastewater environments. It offers an economical solution to Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC)