Savio Blowers

Savio designs, manufactures and installs systems for air treatment, in different market sectors, assuring technical skills and consolidated experience for different industrial applications. Know-how, design capability and operating abilities of our company are founded on the commitment and experience of over 60 years. The Blowers Division manufactures and markets industrial Multistage Blowers and Side channel Blowers , our company has become a reliable reference also for European Biogas system constructors with the production lines adapted to convey Biogas, guaranteeing high technological performance, efficiency and reliability.

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Via Reggio Calabria, 13 , Rivoli (To) , ITALY 10098 Italy

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Air and Climate
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Internationally (various countries)

All of our products on demand can be manufactured in accordance with the ATEX specifications (Consists of two EU directives describing what equipment and work environment is allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere). The applications for SAVIO blowers are many: biogas treatment in dumps, gas treatment in Atex environments, pneumatic cleaning, pneumatic conveyors, pneumatic placing and sampling, liquids shaking, liquids removal by air jets, air curtains, tunnels ventilation, air hardening, cooling, drying, lowing in cubicles, heat exchangers, feeding of various gases under strong pressure, gas burners, gas line suppressors, pressurised gas welding, diesel burners, combustion engines testing, chips and swarf removal, spraying systems, suction under strong vacuum for suction caps and similar, blowing and suction in printing presses.