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Scale Designs develops and manufactures hopper scales. Our primary focus has been on manufacturing NTEP Certified stainless steel fertilizer hopper scales and blender scales. Our fertilizer scales are designed to last as long, or longer, than your stainless steel hoppers. We build stainless steel fertilizer blender scales, hopper scales, general purpose hopper scales, tank scales, fertilizer dealer scale management systems and general purpose custom scales and weighing systems. Initially, our scales were mostly to retrofit hoppers and blenders manufactured by Adams, A. J. Sackett, Burton, Doyle, Kraus, Layco, R & R, Ranco, Speed King, Tyler, Waconia and/or almost any 5 to 12 ton capacity blender/hopper. Now, some customers are ordering their blending systems, without the scales, from blend manufacturers and the fertilizer scales or weighing systems from us. Some have worked with us to deliver the very best value in blending and weighing.

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1286 Bell Store Road , McKenzie , TN 38201 USA
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In 1996, the Royster Clark plant in Paris, TN was interested in a fully electronic stainless steel scale to replace the dilapidated mild steel mechanical scale under their stainless steel vertical blender. Some manufacturers had tried and failed so we had a heads up and designed a fully electronic stainless steel scale that has stood the test of time in locations throughout the Southeast. After seven years the original system was moved to South Carolina. From there we installed many, many more retrofit scales and they are all still working as advertised. Recently we asked the former Paris manager, now at a different location, about that scale. After several years he confirmed that it was then and still is the best solution for fertilizer hopper scales. To our knowledge we are the only company that has successfully designed, developed, manufactured, and installed fully electronic stainless steel scales for fertilizer blenders.

Norm DeJong at East Central Iowa Cooperative in Jesup bought our scale for his Waconia weigh-hopper. After installing, Norm sent an email telling us that we were way off on our 2-4 hours for installation. It took about half a day to cut out the old scale. Once the weigh hopper was lifted and the old scale pieces moved away, it only took minutes to slide the new scale under the hopper and drop in the bolts. He said the scale technician from Fairbanks came the next day and hooked up the read out/printer and calibrated in about half an hour. He arrived mid morning and Norm said he commented as he finished, “thought I’d be here ‘till 9:00 tonight.” A few months later East Central Iowa Coop bought another scale for their R & R system in Hudson.