Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB

Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB

Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB

Scandinavian Biogas is a world leader in optimizing the production of biogas at wastewater treatment plants, ethanol and biodiesel plants, landfills and from other large streams of organic waste. Scandinavian Biogas is one of Sweden’s largest private producers of biogas. Scandinavian Biogas supports customers and partners with what we do best, designing and operating biogas plants with high level of resource and energy efficiency. Furthermore, we strive to improve the efficiency of all our plant on an ongoing basis.

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Holländargatan 21A , Stockholm , SE-111 60 Sweden
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At Scandinavian Biogas we keep our promises and take long-term responsibility. Proof of this are the plants that we operate in Sweden and South Korea. Indeed, at the Swedish plants in Bromma and Henriksdal we have increased the volume of fuel grade biogas an entire 21 percent in three years and have been able to maintain production at a high level. In South Korea our plant at Ulsan is instrumental in solving the city’s environmental problems with food waste. We have increased the management and processing of food waste from the city of Ulsan with more then 500%. As a result, the plant has been ranked by the South Korean authorities as the country’s most efficient biogas facility. The food waste that is now turned into biogas was earlier dumped into the ocean.

Qualified expertise with high level of competence

Our core expertise is to develop concepts for resource efficient, high loaded, stable biogas processes where organic waste and residual products are used as substrate. We either own or co-own the biogas facilities that we design and operate, adding value with our qualified expertise in the field of biogas production. Our strength lies in developing resource and economically efficient processes for many different types of substrate. These process concepts include the whole chain from designing biogas plants to the management, pretreatment and digestion of organic material as well as the upgrading of biogas to vehicle fuel grade quality. What differentiates us from many others in the industry is our deep knowledge of the biological process and our focus to use that to fine-tune the digestion process. Years of research and evaluation have resulted in a database covering more than 300 substrates.Our qualified expertise in biogas production enables us to:

  • Produce more gas per mdigester volume
  • Achieve greater stability in the reactor during the digestion process
  • Provide qualified knowledge on a wide range of substrates
  • Upgrade the gas with extremely low methane leakage
  • Achieve effective cost and resource efficient production
  • Constantly increase the biogas capacity by process improvements

The improvements made by Scandinavian Biogas to the biogas process in the digestion of sewage sludge could potentially translate into a fourth fold increased biogas production.

Lean and efficient production
Scandinavian Biogas has primarily focused on improving the mesophilic process, where production takes place in a temperature between 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. The company has made substantial steps forward in research & development, including the evaluation of over 300 types of organic material as substrate for biogas production. Furthermore, the company has developed robust processes that accommodate high loads in the reactor, enabling production levels far more efficiently and economically than has previously been possible.

Our operations focus on industrial level production and we possess leading expertise in the design and operation of biogas plants to achieve consistently high levels of biogas production, generated through our resource and energy efficient processes. Biogas projects are managed in close cooperation with private and municipal stakeholders in the Nordic region, particularly in east central Sweden, which is the company’s main market today. In addition, Scandinavian Biogas produces biogas in South Korea.