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SCFI developed AquaCritox® to help solve the disposal problems faced by wet waste generators and processors. With more than 100 years’ collective experience, our expert team specialise in creating bespoke solutions that meet clients’ exact needs, across a range of municipal and industrial applications.

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Rubicon Centre, CIT Campus, Bishopstown , Cork , Ireland 2102 Ireland

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


Super Critical Fluids International (SCFI) Group Ltd is an Irish company that owns the patents and worldwide rights to the super critical water oxidation technology named AquaCritox®. The AquaCritox product is used in the destruction of wet organic wastes and provides a single step, energy positive, cost effective solution with no hazardous or toxic emissions.

AquaCritox is the only technology to fully destruct wet organic waste in an economical, sustainable process while simultaneously generating renewable energy. It offers an attractive alternative to current methods of incineration, landfill and land spreading, delivering 99.99%+ destruction of organic waste safely, without generating any hazardous emissions or odours. As well as reducing the carbon footprint of a plant, AquaCritox recovers valuable by-products and is the first technology to have a positive energy balance from processing wet waste.

SCFI is actively commercialising this technology on a global basis as a green and sustainable alternative to other disposal methods, such as incineration, landfill and land spreading.


After years of research and an investment of over $40m, SCFI’s AquaCritox technology was developed to provide a single step, energy positive and cost effective solution to the destruction of sewage sludge, as well as wet waste from a variety of other industries.

SCFI acquired the worldwide intellectual property rights to the pioneering AquaCritox process in 2007, with its first unit (the A10 model) installed in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork in May 2008. This plant has not only been used for extensive testing, it has also successfully processed wet waste for a number of global leaders in the wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas industries. The company also offers three other models: the A30, A100 and the A200.


Strategic partnerships have strengthened the company’s foundations further. SCFI has partnered with Parsons, a highly reputable engineering and consultancy firm, to facilitate the design and process improvement of AquaCritox. Parsons is also providing global marketing and sales execution to end-users. SCFI has also formed a partnership with Rockwell Automation for the supply of AquaCritox automation and control software. Rockwell is also responsible for the physical manufacture of the product, building the units on ‘skids’ so that they can be produced in a modular way and easily transported to any part of the globe.

At the heart of SCFI is a strong management team of highly experienced experts. Working alongside CEO John O’Regan are David Kerr, chief operating officer, Aine Dunne, engineering manager and Edward Coleman, chief financial officer.

SCFI aims to make AquaCritox easily accessible to its customers. Where appropriate, the company offers a design, finance, build, own, operate and maintain package, taking the capital and operational risks and allowing the customer to enjoy the benefits of the AquaCritox technology. The lead time for AquaCritox is 18-24 months from order. SCFI’s experts are always available to discuss the ways in which the technology can help in the areas of compliance, ease of operation and improving your bottom line.

SCFI also carries out contract research into new applications of supercritical water oxidation. The company is happy to discuss licensing agreements in areas or applications that it is not already actively pursuing – please email for further information.