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  • Pharmaceutical Effluent Management Services

    Pharmaceutical Effluent Management Services

    The Pharmaceutical and Bio Pharma Industry produces high strength organic liquid waste water which requires treatment. These high strength industrial waste streams are often difficult to break down in conventional wastewater treatment processes. The high COD values and recalcitrant nature of the organic compounds present are characteristic of Pharmachem wastewater streams worldwide. The AquaCritox® process can be used to achieve complete...

  • Precious Metal Catalyst Recovery Services

    Precious Metal Catalyst Recovery Services

    Catalyst Recovery Precious metals are used extensively as catalysts in a wide range of industrial chemical processes. They can be used in a homogeneous form, but more commonly they are heterogeneous, i.e. they are fixed to a solid support for ease of handling. In many applications only a precious metal catalyst can provide the necessary speed or selectivity to the reaction, while in others these attributes, together with a long...

  • Sludge Treatment Services

    Sludge Treatment Services

    What is Super Critical Water Oxidation?When water’s temperature and pressure are above 374 °C (700°F) and 221 bar (3,000 psi), respectively, it enters a supercritical condition or ‘fourth phase’, i.e. an additional phase to its more familiar solid, liquid and gaseous phases. Under these conditions the physical properties of water change.For example: its...