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Schott AG

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging is a leading developer and manufacturer of hermetic housings and other components for the reliable, long-term protection of sensitive electronics. Our core technologies are glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal sealing, thermal sensing components and a variety of cutting edge specialty glass competencies. SCHOTT is one of the leading suppliers of hermetic packaging components: our feedthroughs, headers, connectors, and housings reliably transmit electrical and optical signals while enabling long-term durable functionality, safety, and high performance of packaged electronics, components or substances. In addition to our core competency in glass-to-metal sealing (GTMS), SCHOTT also specializes in multilayer ceramics and ceramic-to-metal sealing technology (CerTMSĀ®), as well as highly innovative glass micro bonding offered through SCHOTT Primoceler Oy - enabling ultra-miniature hermetic packages.

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15 Wells Street , Southbridge , Massachusetts 18642 USA


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More than just a slogan, it is our business philosophy. Every product is only as good as the ideas behind it. With this in mind, we have continuously set new standards ever since the company was founded in 1884. Above all, it is our customers who provide the impetus for innovation. They expect us to develop products that enable them to turn their ideas into reality. This is why we made it a rule to work with our customers rather than work for them. This has led to our success: the SCHOTT Group, a global technology enterprise, is a world-leading manufacturer of special glass.

Our parent company SCHOTT, a member of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, employs about 15,400 people at production plants and sales offices in 35 countries. Guided by our core values of 'competence, creativity and customer orientation,' we are one of the world’s leading glass technology groups.

The Electronic Packaging Business Unit

The Electronic Packaging Business grew from the development of electronic glass applications. As early as the 1930s, these glasses were developed for the hermetic sealing of glass and metal. Today, our product line ranges from passivation glasses for semiconductors to special glasses for glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal seals and even non-electronic applications, such as dental glass. Products and processes that are particularly important for packaging in the fields of electronics, opto-electronics, and sensors have also been developed by SCHOTT Electronic Packaging. These include precision blanking, glass and ceramic-to-metal technology, and special plating processes for improved surface finishes.

Our business is comprised of six product areas: automotive, opto-electronics, frequency control, large-scale feedthroughs, specialty glass and thermal cutoffs. This enables us to respond flexibly to customers' requirements.

Electronic Packaging has five manufacturing facilities: Landshut (Germany), Lanškroun (Czech Republic), Minakuchi (Japan), Singapore and Southbridge, MA (USA).