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The Schunk Group is an international technology group employing around 8,000 people in 29 countries. The company offers a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of carbon technology and ceramics, environment simulation and air conditioning technology, sintered metal and ultrasonic welding. Turnover of the Schunk Group was 1.135 bn in 2016. The Schunk Group`s long-term outlook, first held by Ludwig Schunk over 100 years ago when he founded today`s Schunk Group, is crucial for its success. According to his wishes, `the company must be led in such a way that healthy development and the preservation of independence are paramount.` The Schunk Group`s long-term goals of financial stability and independence, profitable growth and global presence are derived from this. High-tech products and systems in the area of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and climate technology, sintered metals, and ultrasonic welding.

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Hauptstra├če 95 , Wettenberg , 35435 Germany
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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
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Schunk stands for high-quality materials and components, long-lasting quality, safety and perfection with tradition. But Schunk also represents much more. The driving force behind us is the will to tackle problems in a unique way and to pursue new paths. Our cooperation with our customers is what distinguishes us. The drive for innovation makes our components and equipment irreplaceable components in numerous processes, technologies and devices.

Our now global company has been represented by innovative products and cutting-edge technology in all key industries since 1913. From cars, ships and electrical devices, to wind power stations, space shuttles, medical technology, the solar industry and the production of LEDs: in millions of devices, motors or industrial equipment, our components and systems “made by Schunk” get the job done at key places throughout the entire world. Mostly unseen, they ensure reliable drive mechanisms, proven safety and a high degree of comfort.

We develop customized high-tech products and equipment in the areas of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation technology and climate technology, sintered metal technology and ultrasonic welding technology. The requests and goals of our customers are always our top priority. The desire to fulfill them in a completely individual way is one of the driving forces that lead to joint and economical solutions.

The efforts of our employees with their numerous innovations and ideas have enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the global technology leaders in our market. It is not for nothing that our employees display an unusually high degree of loyalty towards Schunk. Our extraordinary corporate culture and the corporate strategies oriented towards sustainable growth have made Schunk a secure and attractive employer.

Schunk had consolidated sales of EUR 957 million in 2011. More than 60 businesses, comprising approx. 8,250 employees in 28 countries are a part of the corporate group.

Our values
High safety standards worldwide, a high degree of reliability, modern workplaces and a cooperative environment are only a few of the factors that our employees value. We strive to foster the long-term loyalty of our employees and provide them with opportunities for continued growth so they are better able to meet the changing demands of our market. We are very aware of the challenges facing our customers, and as one of the technology leaders in our markets, we are able to deliver products of the highest quality for the most demanding applications. We further support you by applying our expertise to overcome challenges and find marketable solutions in cooperation with you. Proximity to our customers is one very important aspect of this. We are a partner you can rely on with locations in 28 countries, and our ideas help to promote your development.

Mission statement

Shaping the future together
Schunk is a globally active technology group, oriented toward medium-sized businesses and comprised of largely independent individual companies. We are active today in the core markets of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation technology and climate technology, sintered metal technology and ultrasonic welding technology. The Schunk Group is a technology leader in these fields.

Maintaining independence and sustainable growth
Building on the principles of the Ludwig Schunk Foundation, the sole shareholder of our group, we are committed to maintaining the independence of our company as well as its long-termadvancement. Profitable growth and dependability enable us to secure the long-term stability of our company for the benefit of all employees.

Acting in the interests of our customers and partners
Each and every day we inspire our customers with our commitment and technical expertise. You can depend on us and the quality of our products at all times. For us, customer orientation also means that cooperation with our customers is based on a partnership. Your requirements are what drive us. We view ourselves as an partner in innovation, working with customers to shape the future.

Appreciating individuality and respecting diversity
Our employees are the basis for the business success of the Schunk Group. Their motivation and skills form the supporting pillars upon which our future rests. They identify with the company, are loyal and act in an entrepreneurial manner. Each person respects and appreciates each other’s effort. The dialogue and target-oriented leadership style at Schunk encourages our employees to take calculated risks. We consider quick decision making and pragmatic actions to be important factors in our success.

The corporate culture at the Schunk Group is characterized by its diversity – as are the sites, regions and business fields in which we are at home. This feeling of belonging arises from our common sense of values and goals. This is what gives us the vitality and energy to work for Schunk with commitment and enthusiasm.

Corporate culture
The last will and testament of company founder Ludwig Schunk continues to shape the corporate culture of Schunk today. When Ludwig Schunk passed away childless in 1947, his last will and testament stipulated that the company fortune should be placed at the service of its employees. The Ludwig Schunk Foundation was established as the capital owner and is still the sole shareholder in the Schunk Group today. Ludwig Schunk’s will stipulates the sustainable development of the company and preservation of its independence. Steady organic growth, the greatest financial stability and the highest dedication to our quality, our products and our technology are the cornerstones of our success. Today – 100 years after the founding – we continue to offer our employees secure long-term employment and serve as a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers.