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ScienceKNOW Conferences for Education is a company based in Spain, devoted to the promotion and management of scientific congresses and conferences throughout Europe. Our team is composed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals including experienced conferences organizers, scientists, researchers and academics, with a wide experience in the promotion of conferences. We offer a key-in-hand service for your events. We are specialized in scientific conferences in the field of higher education and work in all the European market.

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Plaza San José Manyanet, 9 , Badajoz , 06006 Spain
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Event organizer
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Environmental Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)

The activity of the company in the field of organizing scientific conferences begins in 2004 in Portalegre (Portugal). That year, Mónica Martins and her incipient team were commissioned to organize a Group of researchers from the University of Extremadura and the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre started to work together making research in environmental issues, which lead to the creation of a team to organize the 1st International Congress on Energy and Environment Engineering and Management (CIIEM). That event was held in May 2005 in Portalegre and was attended by researchers from several institutions, mainly from Spain and Portugal.

Encouraged by the success of the event the team decided to continue working in this exciting area. At that initial stage, the main objective of the group was to approach different institutions based in Extremadura and Alentejo, at both sides of the Spanish-Portuguese border. With such an aim a secondtransboundary event was launched, namely the Congress for the Joint Development of Extremadura and Alentejo that was also held in Portalegre in May, 2006.

In this context the brand Armonía Eventos is founded in Badajoz (Spain) shortly after and starts to work from this new location in several types of conferences, mostly related to environmental issues. Armonía organized several other events under the auspices of governmental institutions and Universities both, in Spain and Portugal. In this initial expansion period Armonía also co-organized other events as, for instance, two editions of the transboundary music festival Europa Sur, held yearly in Cáceres; the design fashion exhibition Bluxa, also in Cáceres; and the micro-conference eventsPechakucha Badajoz and Pechakucha Portalegre.

The international nature of the company is reflected in its inclusion in the first Spanish-Portuguese Coworking Space (ETC – from its name in Spanish,Espacio Transfronterizo de Trabajo Colaborativo), which is based in Badajoz.

In 2007 and 2009 and 2011 three more editions of the International Congress on Energy and Environment Engineering and Management were organized by Armonía with increasing success. These 2nd, 3rd and 4th CIIEMs witnessed a progressive internationalization of the researchers that attended to the conferences.

In 2011 the team was involved in the organization of another event, the 1st International Congress in Water, Waste and Energy Management (EWWM), which was held in Salamanca in May 2012.

The 5th Edition of the International Congress on Energy and Environment Engineering and Management was held in Lisbon in 2013 and counted with the presence of 110 delegates coming from up to 20 countries around the World.

Also in 2013, Armonía gets involved in the creation of two new events to be held in 2014 in Barcelona: the International Conference on Green Chemistry (GREENCHEMSE) and the International Congress on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies (ICEILT). Both of them welcomed the participation of over 120 delegates from 38 and 28 countries, respectively.

In July 2014 the second edition of the International Congress in Water, Waste and Energy Management was be held in Porto (Portugal). Nearly 120 researchers from 31 countries of four continents attended to the conference.

After the success of the three events organized in the summer of 2014, The Company decides to go further in the internationalization of the conferences’ venues. The first step of this exciting journey is the adoption of a new brand and corporate image. Armonía Eventos becomes ScienceKNOW Conferences and faces the challenge of contributing to the launch of two new conferences, namely the International Conference in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CHEMBIOCHEMENG) and the International Conference in Sustainable Materials and Technology (SMATSCITECH). These two events, together with the 6th edition of the International Congress on Energy and Environment Engineering and Management (CIIEM), will be held in Paris in 2015 and from this year on, all the scientific conferences organized by the ScienceKNOW Conferences team will be held in different European cities on a yearly basis.

ScienceKNOW Conferences is hence the new company devoted to the management of all the aforementioned events. ScienceKNOW is based in Badajoz (Spain) but its international team is distributed in different locations in Spain, Portugal and the UK.