SciTOX Limited

SciTOX Limited

SciTOX is a manufacturer of market-specific rapid toxicity measurement systems (RTMS). Each product is focused on a single toxicity application, and the analysis is rapid, easy-to-maintain, and inexpensive. The ALPHA is designed to test wastewater treatment plants` influent and industrial trade waste, while the UniTOX is designed to allow universities and research groups to design their own analytical methods.

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1 Tussock Lane, Unit 2, Ferrymead , Christchurch , 8023 New Zealand

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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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less than 1,000,000 €

Environmental monitoring is essential to safeguarding communities from the release of pollutants and toxins into public waters. To meet the demand for a rapid, robust, and accurate means of monitoring for toxic contamination in wastewater and the effects of those toxins on the biology of a wastewater treatment plant, SciTOX has developed an analyzer to assay all toxicants in the waste stream within fifteen minutes.

Toxic compounds arriving at a wastewater treatment facility limit the effectiveness of the treatment. This means poorer effluent quality and risk of toxic discharge to the environment, increased power consumption when treating the waste, and the need for increased treatment plant size to accommodate the degree of treatment needed.

Many municipalities also charge industrial contributors to the wastewater based on the degree of toxic effect to their treatment plant, or on the total treatment requirement or the waste.

The SciTOX toxicity analyzer allows such near real-time measurement of toxic inflow, and is a vital tool for testing, accepting/rejecting, and charging customers sending such waste to the municipality.

SciTOX Limited was established in 2008 to commercialise a biosensor platform technology licensed from Lincoln Ventures Limited (LVL), a technology company owned by Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. The biosensor technology measures the toxic effect of a liquid or compound on a given microbial system seen in WWTP. In addition to WWTPs, other potential future applications of the technology include diagnostic systems for environmental, dairy, industrial and medical use.

“The market for municipal waste water treatment plants is a long term growth market. The number of treatment plants as well as the level of sophistication of their technical equipment, has increased continually since the 1950’s. Currently, wastewater treatment in Europe is being expanded and upgraded in terms of both quality and quantity. The European Union’s policies and financing and especially it’s Directive on Urban Waste Water Treatment and the Water Framework Directive, have played a key role in putting momentum into the market.” Ref: Fraunhofer Institut – ecoprog - Cologne Germany ”

SciTOX Limited develops and sells toxicity testing devices with applications in industrial, environmental, medical, government and research markets. The Company’s technology addresses the need of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) operators to rapidly and reliably assess incoming trade waste to reject unacceptably toxic influents (incoming waste). Management of WWTP often wish to charge customers based on their toxicity to the actual micro-organisms used to treat the waste in their WWTP, or the total required treatment of the waste.

Most WWTPs use some form of biological treatment, such as oxidation ponds, activated sludge, or anaerobic digesters. For reliable WWTP operation, it is important that the microorganisms which do the treatment work are not killed or hindered by toxic components in the waste water being treated.

The SciTOX toxicity analyser is a simple to use, robust, low-cost analyser which can provide a result within fifteen minutes. The analyzer serves as an accurate indicator of toxic influents that can reduce the operational efficiency of a WWTP at a high cost to the operator, the municipality and the environment.