Sea Marconi

Sea Marconi

Sea Marconi is an international company leader in the life cycle management (LCM) of Transformers and insulating Oils and the Research of solutions servicing the Environment. Currently, Sea Marconi has operations in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Argentina. The company core business is founded mainly on three lines of products/services: 1 - Laboratory analyses of insulating fluids and the subsequent diagnosis for the prevention of damages. 2 - Line of oil filled transformers for recovery of the properties of the fluid (depolarisation from acidity or corrosive sulfur, physical decontamination). Sea Marconi occupies a leading market position in the sector, with 3000 clients across 5 continents. We have offices in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Argentina, and operate in other areas of the world through qualified partners.

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Via Ungheria 20 , Collegno , Torino 10093 Italy
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)
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Sea Marconi was established in Turin in 1968 based on a business concept by Vander Tumiatti. The company now operates in the key sectors of energy and the environment, with sustainable solutions for the management of transformers and other electrical equipment filled with insulating fluids (core business).

Over the years the company has become a trusted partner to major industrial groups and utilities in the field of energy production, transmission and distribution. Our clients include: Terna, Gruppo EDF Italia, GDS Italia, Eni, Enipower, Edipower, Enel in Italia; EDF, ERDF, RTE, Rio Tinto Alcan, SNCF, Total and Arkema in France; ADIF, Endesa e Repsol in Spain and many other players on the international arena.

These treatments prevent the change of the oil, thus provide a financial advantage to the owner and an enormous benefit for the environment. 3 - Decontamination of oils with PCBs (dehalogenation), called CDP Process, complying with the obligations prescribed by European and International Directives. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to prevent the disposal of the oil and the transformer. In 2007, the Italian Ministry of the Environment officially certified the CDP Process® as the most effective system for the decontamination of transformers in operation and at the end of life.

The treatments just described are performed on-site using decontamination mobile units (DMU) developed and built internally.

Today, Sea Marconi operates in about 50 Countries servicing more than 3000 Customers in different market sectors, including: energy, industries, services, defense.

  • Pioneers in excellence since 1968
  • Approximately 100 employees
  • Independent from manufacturers of oil  and transformers
  • Full range of technical services (design, construction, sales and management)
  • Continuous innovation by R & D; 40 patents
  • In line with the latest regulations (IEC, BAT & BEP; ie the best available techniques and the best environmental practices, Stockholm convention, etc.)
  • Accredited laboratory (Accredia, IAF, EA, ILAC)
  • Integrated approach to asset and environmental protection

Core Business
TransfoClean is the new “sustainable” solution designed to support owners of electrical transformers containing insulating oils through every stage of the machine’s life cycle (LCM), from initial purchase and choice of oil to decontamination and disposal at the end of its useful life.

Besides the core business
Sea Marconi is dynamic and multidisciplinary: we operate in the field of bioenergy, thermochemical conversion and advanced materials, with a constant commitment to research and development and participation in several European and international research projects.