Sealing Systems Inc. is located in Loretto , Minnesota. The company was formed in October of 1995. It was created by a group of individuals who have over 100 years of experience in the underground utilities market. SEALING SYSTEMS was incorporated by the State of Minnesota on December 12th, 1995 and became SEALING SYSTEMS, INC. (SSI). SSI recognized a need for a product to prevent inflow and infiltration in the joint section and adjustment ring area of manholes. SSI wanted a product that could easily be applied on the inside, which would eliminate the need to excavate the manhole. The product needed excellent elongation characteristics, enabling it to flex with the movement of a manhole. The product had to be corrosion resistant to the chemicals associated with manholes. It had to be abrasion resistant and it needed superior bonding capabilities to concrete, cast iron, fiberglass, and many other construction materials. Additionally, the product had to pass a vacuum test.

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9350 County Road 19 , Loretto , MN 55357 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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less than 1,000,000 €

SSI determined the ideal product would be a urethane material. SSI discovered an aromatic urethane, which had been used in the floor coating industry for the past 30 years. This aromatic urethane had many characteristics SSI was looking for. However, the product wasn't perfect. It did not have the vertical hanging capabilities necessary for application at a desired thickness. In February of 1996, SSI employed a chemical engineer that modified the molecular make up of the urethane and also developed a thickening agent to combine with the urethane. Experimenting with different formulations and ratios of the two materials, he came up with the perfect combination to achieve exactly what was necessary. The two materials combined were the formulation of FLEX-SEAL UTILITY SEALANT. 

Flex-Seal Utility Sealant is packaged in a kit weighing just 9-1/2 pounds. A kit will cover 12 vertical inches on a standard 24'/27' diameter manhole. To date there are tens of thousands of manholes coated with FLEX-SEAL UTILITY SEALANT. 

SSI began to search for an external seal to be used for new construction. They wanted a seal to be not only user friendly but also perform at the same superior level as their internal seal. In the spring of 1999 SSI purchased the patent rights to the INFI-SHIELD® product line. INFI-SHIELD® is designed to seal the outside of the grade adjustment ring area and joint sections in a manhole or catch basin and is available in many different sizes and shapes. SSI has made major improvements to the product's memory and mastic bond. 

INFI-SHIELD external seal is made of a high quality EPDM rubber with a minimum thickness of 65 mils. It is bonded using a non-hardening butyl mastic with excellent adhesion properties. INFI-SHIELD installs in minutes and will pass a vacuum test. As we are continuously striving to improve our products in 2008 we re-designed the Uni-Band seal. It is now a seamless band with a 90 degree angle molded into the top of the seal. 

In 2008 we also developed Infi-Shield Gator Wrap which is an improvement over our Seal Wrap for concrete joints in manholes and catch basins. 

SSI wants to continue to be your manhole chimney area I/I specialist and in 2013 SSI began to manufacture and distribute manhole cover inserts which are designed to prevent rainfall induced inflow through the manhole cover. The inserts are custom made to size from either stainless steel or a strong and durable plastic. The inserts are a low-cost fix and can be inexpensively installed by your own maintenance personnel. SSI has recently begun distributing Ladtech HDPE grade adjustment rings. These high strength HDPE rings resist breakage, are compressive and impact resistant and non-corrosive. 

SSI is pleased to announce another solution for battling leaking manholes or other precast, brick or concrete structures. AQUA SEAL is fast reacting (3-5 seconds), quick sealing and high early strength dual component polyurethane grout that is pumped under pressure. AQUA SEAL can be injected into flowing water can stop leaks in excess of 50 G.P.M. 

So whether you desire ways to regain system capacity or prevent infiltration on new construction, SSI's product line is designed to be your one stop shop for preventing I/I. We hope that you'll call us for product information and gain a better understanding of the benefits that our products can provide for your collection system, road substructure and ultimately to your taxpayers. 

Sealing Systems is dedicated to maintain a leadership role in specialty products designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and erosion in manholes, catch basins and pipe joints. We desire to provide our customers with the highest quality and most advanced systems for both rehabilitation and new construction across the global market. By spreading our product knowledge and education to our manufacturers reps, cities, counties, consulting engineers and contractors, we remain confident these efforts will aid in the protection of our environment. Above all, we recognize the degree of our success is in direct proportion to the quality and dedication of our people.