SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd.

SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd.

SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is a privately held, Yukon corporation based in Dawson City, specializing in environmental protection and cleanup services. The major activities are oil spill cleanups on land or water. In addition spill containment and spill prevention products are also part of the product line. The primary focus is bioremediation. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is committed to meeting the needs of the North`s expanding environmental awareness brought about by new legislation. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is applying techniques successfully tested and used in Canada and other parts of the world and which were researched and adapted to the northern climate.

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Box 1576 , Dawson City , Yukon Y0B 1G0 Canada
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Oil Spills
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Bioremediation Projects to date in the Yukon

Using OIL GATOR® a recycled waste product, an environmentally safe and cheap alternative on today's bioremediation market, SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. has worked on various projects in the Yukon.

  • Bulk station fuel spills, clean up insitu.
  • City dumps, waste oil collection site, clean up insitu.
  • Mining operation yard clean ups insitu
  • Domestic fuel tank spills, clean up insitu.
  • Fuel truck spills along Yukon Hi-ways, clean up insitu.
  • Forestry, hydraulic oil spill, cleaned up insitu.
  • Gas station fuel spills, insitu clean ups.
  • Various small and large spills contained and cleaned up, often insitu.

SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. has conducted various field and laboratory test to confirm the same success OIL GATOR® is achieving in southern climates. The only variation from these results is due to the long winter season in the north, affecting the speed of the bioremediation process.