Seingim Global Service S.r.l.

Seingim Global Service S.r.l.

Seingim Global Service S.r.l. offers complete and integrated design relying on its competent personnel and on technologies that allow solving every problem regarding engineering design. Each project must be planned and processed ensuring full respect of the deadlines. Projects are carried out according to specific quality plans that allow managing, monitoring and ensuring a final product of the highest quality. Technical expertise, Organisation, Experience, Flexibility and Creativity are at the base of all our projects and the distinctive mark that makes them stand out among the competition. Our company provides services that go from preliminary set-up and feasibility activities to final design, structural design and construction management and assistance.

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Viale Duca D’Aosta, 1/6-1/7 , Ceggia , Venezia I-30022 Italy

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Engineering service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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Every project is planned and processed ensuring full respect of the deadlines.
Our company expresses its best organisational, technical management and technical potential in projects that provide clients with the advantage of a single responsibility position and the best guarantees regarding times, costs and quality of their investments: a successful formula that make up 80% of the value of the new contracts acquired by the Company in the past five years.
The common aspect of all Seingim projects is the constant search for innovative solutions that are environmental-friendly, safe and global economy oriented.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can give positive solutions to problems regarding sustainable development.


Seingim Global Service offers complete and integrated design services, providing clients all the personnel and technologies needed to competently face and resolve any problem related to engineering design activities. With our team of engineers, draftsmen, technicians and designers we can handle all facets of a project, giving particular attention to product clarity, precision and graphics.
The project is planned, organized and carried out guaranteeing absolute respect for established deadlines. The design process is carried out using various quality plans allowing us to manage, check, monitor, and guarantee a high-quality final product. Our designs are based on technical know-how, organisation, experience, flexibility and creativity.


Seingim was founded in January 1997 on the experience of skilled professionals who have acquired and developed a notable technical background and culture in the field of system design and implementation. Seingim was conceived to fill the need customers have for a single firm capable of interfacing and optimizing all engineering and organizational issues that arise during a project; a firm that uses technical experts and sector specialists, providing any type of technical support in various contract typologies.
The Seingim team centres around a nucleus of engineers, technicians, designers and draftsmen. The primary objective of the Seingim Global Service development strategy is to be chosen and appreciated by clients for its quality of services. This means: strategy, culture and professionalism. To reach those objectives, Seingim Global Service has adopted a Quality Assurance System that conforms to UNI – EN – ISO 9001:2008 requirements.