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  • Drilling Technology

  • Sensatec - Direct-Sense Probing technology

    Sensatec - Direct-Sense Probing technology

    To investigate possible environmental damages we conduct Direct-Sense-Probing with the Geoprobe direct push and rotary rigs LT54, 6620DT and 7822DT using the following probing techniques: MIP-probing (Membrane Interface Probe). EC-probing (Electrical Conductivity). HPT-probing (Hydraulic Profiling Tool).

  • Sensatec - Direct Push Probing Technology

    Sensatec - Direct Push Probing Technology

    Sensatec conducts Direct-Push-probing with the Geoprobe rigs LT54, 6620DT and 7822DT. Mainly the technique “lost cone” is used, which is a fast and economical method to install infiltration-, injection- and monitoring points in groundwater or the unsaturated soil zone.

  • Sensatec - Drilling Technology

    Sensatec - Drilling Technology

    We are in command of tested and proven sophisticated drilling and injection technology. Especially in the case of in-situ remediation, it is crucial that the injection system is customized according to the aquifer‘s complexity.