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Founded in 2004, Senscient is an ISO9001 registered company for the design and manufacture of hazardous area certified, laser based, open path, toxic and flammable gas detectors. Financially backed by a strong group of private equity and venture capital companies, having a strong presence and many years of experience within the oil and gas industry; Senscient has a solid financial base from which to develop and supply its innovative gas detection products. With over 1,000 successful installations around the world with leading oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial plant operators, the ELDS product range is proving to be a significant contributor to improving site and personnel safety.

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Senscient is a pioneer in the field of gas detection.  The company’s innovation, called ELDSTM (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy), couples spectroscopic principles with solid-state lasers.  This technology is transforming the way industrial plant operators protect their personnel and assets from leaks of hazardous gases.  High false alarm rates, slow detection and poor reliability are problems that have plagued industrial plants when dealing with gas leak detection.  Senscient utilizes laser technology to eliminate false alarms and enable fast, reliable detection of hazardous gases.  This innovation has the benefit of improving safety performance and increasing uptime availability while reducing operational costs.

Mr Lee Richman, Company Founder and Chief Technical Officer, spent his early career working for major international manufacturers of gas detectors before finding it necessary to establish his own company to address the shortcomings of conventional point toxic and open path infrared gas detectors.

With a clear understanding and appreciation of the limitations of conventional gas detection, Lee developed and patented the innovative, market leading, range of laser based gas detection products, that improve operational performance and reduce full life time costs.

Lee is supported by a strong team of engineers, production staff, sales and service personnel, who have many years of direct experience from within the gas detection and analysis industry.

The resultant Senscient range of Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDSTM) open path gas detectors have won several awards and is fast becoming the new bench mark in fixed open area gas detection.