SenSic AB

SenSic AB

SenSiC AB is a provider of new gas sensors for domestic biofuel heaters and biomass heater plants which increase the combustion efficiency and reduce unwanted emissions also in comparison with so called lambda sensors. The improvement is a result of the sensors’ capability of measuring not only oxygen like lambdasensors but also carbon monoxide at the same time. As the cost of a sensor is in the range of a standard, low cost lambda sensor the economic advantage of the SenSiC products become obvious. The Control Unit features include automated calibration. Ammonia (NH3) sensors for SCR/SNCR applications are available for gas temperatures up to 300˚C which will be increased to 425˚C in 2013. Applications are biomass and coal fired heater and power plants. Oxygen (O2) sensors for diesel engine EGR applications are under development and NOx sensors for diesel engine emission control and monitoring are planned.

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Isafjordsgatan 39 B , KISTA , 164 40 Sweden

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