Sentry UV, Inc.

Sentry UV, Inc.

Sentry UV, Inc. is a global provider of ultraviolet solutions. With the many different needs of our clients, we supply operator-friendly, cost-effective UV equipment to a wide variety of industries and back it up with unsurpassed customer service. We have the solution for your application and budget. We service a wide range of customers, including commercial Fracking water, swimming pools, public zoos, aquaculture & aquariums, and even globle providers of farm-raised seafood. Regardless of size or influence, we can help design an UV solution for you. SENTRY UV, Inc. and the new SAG (SENTRY AQUA GUARD) has been an advanced-thinking company from its conception. From the early days of factoring in reflectivity of UV light into each reactor we build to our unique and creative thinking and always pushing the envelope has allowed SENTRY to become a leader in the commercial pool market, and fast becoming a leader in other markets as well.

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6767 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Suite , Norcross , GA 30092 USA
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Water and Wastewater - Swimming Pools
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Globally (various continents)

We have been offering chloramines destruction and destruction of chlorine resistant bacteria and improving indoor air quality from early on and we continue to improve our systems.  Our systems are focused on being user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Our system pay for themselves with low maintenance and operating costs while built to last for many years.

Our UV lights offer advanced level of protection for water and indoor air quality.

Here are some of the benefits of our SENTRY UV’s:

  • Amalgam Technology
  • Patented quick disconnects to allow easy and quick access to lamps and sleeves
  • Improved water and air quality
  • Reduction of water borne pathogens
  • Maximum UV at EOL (End of Lamp Life 13,000 hours
  • Lowers chlorine usage
  • 316-L Food Grade Stainless Steel Housings
  • 120V on all models 220/240V models available
  • Schedule 80 stainless steel lined model for budget concerns
  • Maximum sterilizing wave length at EOL
  • Oxidation from our dual wave length UV lamps helps to maintain much better water quality
  • Real-time Millijoules Readings
  • Crytosporidum Certifies
  • NSF Certified

Sentry UV’s are easy to install and when vertically placed take up very little space.  Our systems can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

We offer our inlets and outlets in both U Pattern and Z Pattern for convenient application.

Founded in 1995 by Roy & Mark Underwood Sentry UV, Inc. is well established as one of the industry’s leading ultraviolet manufacturing companies with excellent results in various UV sterilization applications.  Roy Underwood, N.D. President of Sentry UV, Inc. (“Sentry”) has studied under Dr. Bolton of Bolton Photosciences, Inc. IUVA continuing educational programs and others and continues to use Bolton’s UVCal to confirm NSF and EPA science for Sentry reactors. Sentry has helped establish UV and its many applications, such as, chloramines destruction, improved air quality with a patent for the evaporator coil, where pathogens live and breed, to a patented process for sewage vents thus helping eliminate one of the main culprits of the “Sick Building Syndrome.

Reinventing our UV’s to allow for a smaller foot print through factoring in reflectivity from highly polished stainless steel setting an industry standard for many. Making maintenance of our UV’s easier with patented Quick Disconnects, thus allowing easy access to the quartz sleeves for cleaning and inspection and eliminating the need, in most applications, for a Manuel or Automated wiper system, plus Sentry’s successful disinfection for slow flow rates to much faster flow rates. As the world and many industries are finding out about UV and its benefits, look for Sentry UV to continue to make this all natural very GREEN science available for new applications. By setting precedence for performance, reliability, and affordability you can always rely on Sentry Ultraviolet products.

Disinfection with Successful Results, Roy Underwood/Sentry has worked with NASA to Koi Ponds to importers of tropical fish to Bass Pro shops and Zoos and also as one of the first and largest providers to the commercial pool industry. Helping many industries achieve safe water and air with all natural GREEN UV to disinfect potential pathogens and chemicals. The vision at Sentry does not stop here; we are very focused and expect to show how UV can be used for future uses.