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  • Oil Separators

    Oil Separators

    These are designed to achieve a discharge concentration of less than 100 mg/litre of oil under standard test conditions and are suitable for dealing with discharges where a lower quality requirement applies. e.g. discharges to foul sewer.

  • Sewage Plants

    Sewage Plants

    Sewage plant available from is available to suit all requirements.

  • Underground Water Tanks

    Underground Water Tanks

    Underground water tanks provide discreet storage of water. They are a popular option for small spaces and sensitive landscapes. The underground water tanks are light weight and easy to maintain, low maintenance and corrosion resistant.

  • Partial Water Reclaim Systems

    Partial Water Reclaim Systems

    A range of partial water recycling systems which provide recycled water for the washing processes and fresh mains water to ensure a top quality final rinse. These systems are cost effective, simple to maintain and can reduce water usage by up to 85%. Systems available for bus wash, truck wash, lorry wash, commercial and car wash machines.