Septech Holdings Limited

Septech Holdings Limited

Septech’s product, service and solutions portfolio is diverse and ranges from water, wastewater and mobile water to utilities management, precast infrastructure and marine. Each business unit provides a number of unique products and solutions tailored to our client’s needs.Septech Holdings Limited Supplying water of adequate quality and in sufficient quantities is one of the major challenges facing modern society across the globe and particularly in the Middle East. Operating throughout the Middle East region, Septech remains an innovative and results driven organisation, delivering complete turnkey solutions, from design through to complete-build and operation. With a centralised focus on water and its related infrastructure, Septech offers a portfolio of products and services that span across 6 major industries: water, wastewater, mobile water, utilities management, precast infrastructure, and marinas.

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P.O. Box 73374 , Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Supplying water of adequate quality and in sufficient quantities is one of the major challenges facing modern society across the globe and particularly in the Middle East. The provision of fresh water, its treatment and management is one of the most difficult challenges faced and one of the most important to resolve.

Septech is perfectly positioned, supported by its local experience and pool of international talent, to ensure that governments, developers, and investors can deliver the infrastructure required to support the population growth and developments of the Middle East for decades to come.

Septech Emirates was established 14 years ago in the UAE through its parent investment vehicle, Septech Holdings Limited. The company was founded with the pursuit of addressing the growing concern to water scarcity, water management and a population growth that surpasses most other regions. Through the identification of strategic customers and corporate partnerships in order to facilitate long-term growth and value creation, Septech has experienced phenomenal growth and is today recognised as one of the Middle East’s leading water infrastructure specialists.

Working with a number of governments, public and privately owned industry leaders on medium to mega-sized projects such as Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai Festival City, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, The Ells Golf Club and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Septech is focused on continuing to grow its market share and establishing its proven success in neighbouring Middle Eastern countries.

With relationships spanning across the UAE and into the emerging markets of Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and North Africa, Septech has an in-depth understanding of the decisions and directions governments and ruling families are taking, in the building of infrastructure required to support their country’s growing populations.


Septech was formed in 1997 as the parent company to a number of operating entities that would serve as multiple infrastructure operating entities across the Middle East and other targeted emerging markets across the globe.

The establishment of this company introduced the founders to the marketplace of the Middle East through a number pre-existing transactions that preceded in Asia and Australia by the founder and CEO, David Heffernan.

From its inception, Septech Holdings became the parent company and strategic board for its first operating entity, Septech Emirates, LLC. Over the years, the group has increased its investment profile and talent pool to include the establishment of Saudi Arabia, Oman and North Africa.

Along with its focus of providing a number of structured vehicles to assist the emerging Middle Eastern markets, Septech Holdings set up EMtech LLC as a design-build-operate firm.

EMtech serves as a direct support entity to pre and post infrastructure solutions for all of Septech’s services and products. In 2005, Septech Holdings started the first specialised infrastructure pipe company in the U.A.E. under the name, Al Dhafra Pipes Factory, LLC, with a purpose-built factory in Abu Dhabi.

After operating successfully for almost 14 years with an outstanding track record of completed projects, Septech partnered with the region’s largest and most prominent investment bank, Shuaa Capital.

Attracted by Septech’s rapid growth and value creation across all business units, Shuaa Capital decided to take a strategic investment in Septech in 2008.

The successful partnership has allowed Septech to vigorously explore opportunities in the Middle East and make strategic investments in countries that offer future growth potential like Saudi Arabia, Oman and North Africa.

The future success of Septech is driven by the powerful vision of the founders of Septech and Shuaa Capital, allowing the group to further cement its position as the market leader in innovative water solutions.


Our Mission
Our aim is to continue to strengthen and increase our market share in the region’s water industry. We are committed to the generation of innovative and environmentally sustainable water related project solutions, enabling future growth for the Middle East.

Our Values
1. Fully committed to our clients and shareholders
Septech is committed to generate significant short and long-term value both for our clients and shareholders. Each business unit is focused on delivering innovative and unique water solutions tailored to the requirements of each client.

2. Professional integrity
We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams. Therefore, trust and transparency are principles in the way we do business. We adhere to strict professional and ethical standards, ensuring the highest levels of professional integrity in everything we do.

3. Continuously striving for excellence
As a water infrastructure specialist and as an industry leader, Septech invests heavily in research and development in order to stay abreast of industry developments and to proactively identify opportunities for both clients and shareholders. Our aim is to continuously reinvent ourselves and redefine our products and services in order to maintain our position as an industry leader.