Sereco Biotest

Sereco Biotest

SerecoBiotest was set up in 1976 as a result of a merger between Biotest, created in 1969 as a chemical and biochemical analytical laboratory and Sereco, an environmental engineering consultancy. SerecoBiotest has rapidly grown to become a leader in the field of advanced environmental services in Umbria. Now Sereco Biotest stands out as a dynamical structure active in providing fore-front R&D in the field of environmental technology and industrial ecology basing on a synergic integration of different skills. Prestigious national and international project experience, in collaboration with private and public research centres and Universities, enriched Sereco’s expertise so as to assume the role of a “high tech shuttle structure”, capable of transferring the results of base research into an industrial context.

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Via Cesare Balbo, 7 , Perugia , 06121 Italy

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Analytical Services
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Sereco Biotest staff is made up of highly-specialized professionals of diverse backgrounds (chemists, biologists, engineers, geologists, agronomists, hygienists, mathematicians)

SerecoBiotest operates according to ISO 9001:2000 certification scheme and complies with the UNI 17025 for the lab activity

The company has recently established a cooperation agreement with the University of Perugia (Department of Chemistry) for the development of research activities in different scientific fields.

Sereco top duty is focused on customer satisfaction, striving to analyze customers’ real expectations and requirements.

Differently than a standard lab, Sereco do not necessary urge or encourage customers to carry out the analysis unless they real needed. Not always a lab test is necessary. For example, the ECW (European Code for Wastes), contrary to common knowledge, is not attributed by means of a lab test, but through a technical investigation of the process that generates the waste itself. The analysis is only needed to establishe whether the waste is dangerous or non-dangerous (in the case of the so-called mirrored code). Analogously, the sole analysis is deprived of whatever sense if, prior to it, the lab sample has not been appropriately performed, according to an adequate dimension reduction technique and, subsequently to sampling, the obtained data are not correctly interpreted from a juridical as well as a techno-environmental point of view.

Sereco always guarantees the post-selling service of lab tests. Lab analysis is an important plug of a far wider technological and managerial process.

Sereco’s activity is strongly devoted to research&development, not only as a means for developing knowledge-based, innovative economic processes, but as well as an element that satisfies the human yearn of a scientist, who strives for increasing his baggage of knowledge, by simply satisfying his curiosity. This is not only the way for winning the post-modern challenges in this globalized world but also to search new professional horizons, following the examples of Socrates, Archimede, Copernico, Galileo, Newton and many other brilliant minds that helped raise human race from ignorance and obscurity [you were not created to live as beasts but to follow virtue and knowledge – Dante].