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  • Sewage Treatment Plants

    Sewage Treatment Plants

    A Sewage Treatment Plant is a packaged sewage-works that converts raw sewage into water (effluent) and solid waste (sludge). These ‘packaged’ plants come in all shapes and sizes but treat the waste using the same principles - combining oxygen and food (organic waste) to speed up a natural biological breakdown.

  • Cesspool for Single-Chamber Storage Tank

    Cesspool for Single-Chamber Storage Tank

    A Cesspool is simply a single-chamber storage tank with no outlet. The tank is usually very large (as it has to contain all waste water & sewage) and often made from concrete, brick or GRP. The only way to dispose of the waste is by hiring a licensed sewage contractor to remove the sewage for off-site disposal. The use of Cesspools is no longer an option in most instances and are banned in Scotland.

  • Pump Stations

    Pump Stations

    A Pump Station is a chamber with electrical pumps installed. They are designed simply to move a body of water (or sewage) uphill or over a distance where gravity is insufficient to provide the required flowrate.

  • Septic Tanks

    Septic Tanks

    A Septic Tank is a multi-chamber storage tank allowing liquid and solid waste to separate: The liquid is allowed to flow out of the tank and be disposed of separately. Firstly the sewage enters a settlement chamber, allowing solid waste (sludge) to sink and the liquid to rise to the surface. The surface liquid makes contact with oxygen and the organic matter starts to breakdown biologically. This liquid still contains sewage but in small enough...

  • Soakaways and Reed Beds

    Soakaways and Reed Beds

    If you have a sewage treatment plant or septic tank, you’ll probably have a soakaway system which takes the treated effluent from the tank and disperses it into the ground. The most common way of doing this is to use a herringbone layout of rigid, slotted pipework surrounded by drainage stone. 

  • GreaseShield - Grease Management System

    GreaseShield - Grease Management System

    Left unchecked, fats, oils and grease (FOG's) can create big problems for your business, and land you on the wrong side of the law. Serious sell, install and service a range of grease management equipment for commercial kitchens to meet the latest grease management legislation.