SERIUS GmbH is an independent company not linked to another concern or trade group. Our aim is to become market leader in quality, innovation and delivery reliability on surface boxes made of plastic material.

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Hauptstrasse 1 , Obersontheim , D - 74423 Germany
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Pipes and Piping
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Internationally (various countries)

At a Glance: the Surface Boxes from Serius
Our highest quality of surface boxes for road construction even up to the class D 400.

High heat resistant

The main body of our surface boxes are made of extra thick synthetic material with 30% fiber glass contents. This makes them particularly heat-resistant over a period of 15 minutes up to a temperature of 245 ° Celsius. Without harming the surface boxes. No gaps between asphalt and the surface boxes after cooling down of the asphalt layers.

In result no repairs.

Advantages of Serius surface boxes:

  • Self-locking adjustable caps reduce the risk of injury
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality through the free access of the controlling tools (keys ect.)
  • Precision matching of the components
  • Longitudinal axis alignment is possible depending on the extension height up to 4 °
  • No loose parts everything in one piece

Height adjustable

The height-adjustable surface boxes suitable for installation by one person only and can be embedded without inserting dirt and dust or gravel in between the inner and outer part of surface boxes due sealing ring with dual function. Keeping the surface boxes on its level while installation and also protecting from inserting dirt in between. Height-adjustable models are for the road caps 4055,4056,4057,4058,4059,3581 available, also in grip version with or without extra wide neck on the top.

Serius surface boxes and the asphalt – a solid bond between our reinforced synthetic material (housing) and the asphalt layers.

  • solid durable connection between the body of the surface box and the asphalt even under heavy traffic.
  • nor slots nor fractures will appear later after installations.
  • no reconditioning necessary after installation. Means saving costs.
  • Asphalt temperature should not be below 140 ° C during installation. Otherwise the surface boxes material might not solid connected to the asphalt. Serius surface boxes loves temperature up to 245° C.
  • Please obey the installation manuals strictly.

The Principles of Serius Gmbh
Since we have been on the market - since Year 2008, we have often received confirmation from our customers that we are right with our product and our guiding principles.

What is our Goal?
And What do we do Daily in our Work?

  • Production of our Surface boxes – street caps in Germany to protect the environment -due to short distances – manufacturing - supplying to the customers side.
  • Use of recycled material to protect resources
  • 100% control over the entire production cycle.
  • Qualitatively produce the highest quality synthetic surface boxes.
  • Many of our long-standing satisfied customers support the Serius surface boxes.
  • Continuous development of the Serius surface boxes  due innovations.
  • Please take note Serius Grip, grid technology with sealing ring, height-adjustable plaster caps (to avoid the pitfalls in the pedestrian zones, etc.) There are already imitators but it is just not the original. The original has a name - Serius.
  • Use of synthetic  material by 30% glass fiber content, which connect to the asphalt . Expansion coefficient equal to a GG surface box, but lighter, therefore no crack or fissure, no rattling no rusting of the lid to the housing. No additional potting to make a transition to the asphalt. In result of it cost and time savings on the end.
  • Who takes responsibility? The casting material manufacturer or who makes the repairs. This is not necessary with our caps. Our caps are compatible with the asphalt.
  • No slimming on the material but strictly according to DIN standards. No weight reduction maintaining the proven wall thicknesses.
  • Training of employees , education and training takes regular place.
  • With words and deeds to develop and implement solutions together to help our customers to develop and implement solutions together.
  • Also available , such as XXL formats and special lids production of special caps.
  • Wages of our employees well above the minimum wages.