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  • Service and Repair

    Service and Repair

    SGM is dedicated to continually offering support  to our customers with the best solutions, availability  of spare part (control panels) , technical support and repairs. The SGM electro lifting magnets are designed for easy repair even by customer or customer’s close-by mechanical shops. If needed or requested , lifting magnets can be serviced and repaired  at one of the three SGM lifting magnet repair facilities (Italy, USA and...

  • Test Bench Services

    Test Bench Services

    SGM disposes of an in-house test bench and proper magnet force measuring tools  to certify the lifting force of its magnets and the accuracy of its safety lifting device. Upon request, magnet force certification tests can be carried out in the presence of the customer and/or of a third party certification entity (DNV, Lloyd’s Register,…) designated and paid  for by the customer.

  • Preventive Maintenance Plans Services

    Preventive Maintenance Plans Services

    SGM recommends regular preventive maintenance of equipment to ensure our customers the peak performance they have come to expect from our products.  By offering our customers Preventive Maintenance Plans, this would allow customers the opportunity of having qualified and trained SGM service technicians perform preventive maintenance on their equipment at their site.  The objective is to ensure that all of your SGM equipment is running at its...

  • Customer Support & Service

    Customer Support & Service

    SGM has trained staff dedicated to provide training on your equipment anywhere in the world. Our service technicians are available to respond quickly to our customer’s service and support needs and are focused on ensuring reliability, enhanced performance and efficiency while increasing your equipment’s operational lifetime.