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  • Soil

    SGS has a reputation as a soil investigation and remediation expert. We offer you a range of field, sampling and analysis services to ensure your soil is clean and free from contamination.Our soil services will help your environmental management and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations for your industry.The environmental management of your operations is paramount to the future of your business. At SGS, our global network of experts will help you assess environmental risks co

  • Environmental Drilling

    Environmental Drilling

    Because SGS specializes in environmental drilling services we have the latest equipment and techniques to meet your project’s needs. Our technological expertise and knowledge of environmental laws and regulations means you can be confident your project’s environmental drilling solution is sound and safe.

  • Dynamic Penetration Tests

    Dynamic Penetration Tests

    The success of your construction project relies on excellent weight-bearing sub-surface soil. At SGS, we can quickly and easily determine your soil bearing capacity using our dynamic penetration test. Call our team today to ensure that your project is on solid foundations.

  • Excavated Ground Management

    Excavated Ground Management

    For safe and legal disposal of contaminated soil, contact SGS for our expert excavated ground management services. Call our team today for the technical and scientific assistance you need for this task.

  • Landfill Management Studies

    Landfill Management Studies

    SGS environmental experts in landfill management studies can ensure your landfill site is safe and working for you. Call us today for an integrated landfill management solution.

  • Landfill Subsidence Monitoring

    Landfill Subsidence Monitoring

    Landfill sites can face the risk of solid waste surface subsidence. SGS offers accredited landfill surface subsidence monitoring to ensure your site is safe and working for your future.

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

    SGS environmental impact assessments and environmental and social impact assessments help your business to contribute to local development while minimizing the impact on the environment. Call our experienced teams today to find out how.

  • Groundwater Resources Risk Assessment

    Groundwater Resources Risk Assessment

    An SGS groundwater resources risk assessment will help to minimize the risk of water contamination on your site. Contact our experienced team today for an action plan to protect your precious water resources.