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  • Shade Ball™ - Airport Bird Balls

    Shade Ball™ - Airport Bird Balls

    Airport Bird Balls: cover up bodies of water to deter birds from the area. Bird Strikes are a serious problem at commercial and military airports worldwide. Birds entering the flight path impose serious safety and financial risks- the FAA estimates that bird strikes cost civil aviation hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

  • Shade Ball™ - Floating Covers for Frac Ponds

    Shade Ball™ - Floating Covers for Frac Ponds

    Evaporation is the silent thief, draining water - and profits - day after day. Covering water supply ponds / frac pits is the only way to stop the parasitic evaporation loss. Shade Balls are a type of floating ball cover that interlock together in a fluid to form a hexagon shaped pattern. The mass of these spheres work together to create a coherent cover over a body of water in a reservoir, pond, or tank.

  • Shade Ball™ - Thermal Cover

    Shade Ball™ - Thermal Cover

    All text and images on this website are Copyright ChemGiant, 2015. All rights reserved. Duplication in full or in part without prior written permission from owner is unlawful.  Shade Balls™ are an extremely effective way to save money by cutting on fuel costs in heated tanks.

  • Shade Ball™ - Floating Covers for Evaporation

    Shade Ball™ - Floating Covers for Evaporation

    Evaporation is the most persistent threat facing farming and rural communities worldwide. Reducing evaporation is the best way to meet water security goals. Let's look at an example for a reservoir which is 10 Acres in size. A common annual evaporation rate is 7 feet for many West and Southwest areas of the United States. Evaporation over...