Shandong Zhongrun Machinery Co.Ltd

Shandong Zhongrun Machinery Co.Ltd

Shandong Zhongrun machinery Co,Ltd ,Agrifan brand, established in 2007; The famouse company in Shandong,China for production and exporting farm exhaust fan, Cooling pad and other poultry equipments.

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Poultry
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Agrifan 50inch fiber glass cone fan

Through the aerodynamic design of the new Agrifan Fiberglass Cone Fan line, Agrifan Ventilation can Ø

offer the market a fiberglass cone fan line, which sets a new ventilation standard focusing on the three most

important fan parameters: air performance, fan efficiency and the air flow ratio. 

Tunnel or length ventilated livestock buildings and greenhouses demand through higher product 18

performances also higher quantities of air. With durability and reliability as an asset, the Agifan Fiberglass

Cone Fan line guarantees fresh air at low cost.     Email:  


evaporative cooling pad

ZR cooling pad system is finished in the core-ZR paper packing plate .

There is a thin water film on the surface of corrugated fiber paper , when the dry heating air outside is crossing the paper packing plate absorbed by wind machine , the water on the thin water film can absorb the heat of air and evaporate into steam , then the cool and humid air can enter the room after treatment . 

The nature process is just like wind blowing on the water level . Ventilation fan and cooling pad, best efficient and economic temperature drop measure in summer .               Email:       Whatsapp:0086-18363652125

Agrifan AJW Poultry farm cone exhaust fan

◆ Using advanced front double door opening device small wind resistance,good sealing,high efficiency,lengthened cone design improve exhaust power. 

◆Galvanized steel frame is made of 275g/m2.galvanized layer avoid rust.

◆Fan double doors closed with the rubber sealing which effectively avoid air backflow when start fans at different time.Greatly improve the opera-tion efficency by 15-20% compared with the same power fan.

◆Zhongrun fan blade is special designed for top grade efficiency which made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming.Large air volume,no deformation,no broken,no dust,attractive and durable Thickness 12mm,su rface finish BA grade. 

Email:     Whatsapp:0086-18363652125

Agrifan brand AJW Light trap

◆The light trap has the shape of injection molding,the PVC material

 of no glare.It is durable to resist sunshine and chemical corrosion;

◆Reasonable design,it can assemble different sizes and easy to ins-

tall,highly effective to reduce light;

◆The outer frame of stainless steel and galvanized board.

Allen Jackson Wang       Email:       Whatsapp: 0086-18363652125

Agrifan 1380*1380*450mm exhaust fan

  ZR series High class fan is mainly  made  up  of blade , Centrifugal Opening Device,motor ,outer frame, 

protecting nets, supporting frames, shutters . It is made based on aerodynamic, effectively reduce the wind 

resistance. The major parts are made of galvanized steel sheets and Stainless steel sheets. All  the products are 

widely used in various types of buildings as farms ,greenhouses,  factory building.

Allen Jackson Wang          Whatsapp:0086-18363652125