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  • Geophysical Instrument

  • Model AZC-8 - Proton Magnetometer

    Model AZC-8 - Proton Magnetometer

    Application: Widely used in mineral exploration(such as iron ore, lead and zinc, copper etc.). With mining exploration, research the ore body¡¯s buried depth, occurrence and continuity, and study the shape and size of the ore body, estimate the deposit, oil and natural gas exploration, research the geological structure and tectonics of oil and gas etc.. The diurnal correction of aviation and marine ground magnetic survey, fault location,...

  • Model AD03 - Multi-Function Electrical System

    Model AD03 - Multi-Function Electrical System

    Introduction: D03JSR multi-function electrical system is a multi-function data collection and data site processing instrument, it can be the independent instrument which can survey groundwater and metal ore, also can be used as the slave instrument to form the field scene measurement and control LAN with the wild host( transmitter, multi-function electrical instrument etc.). The main measurement parameters including: 1. SP(self-potential), 2. DC...