Shanghai Source Environmental Instrument Co., Ltd. (SSEIC)

Shanghai Source Environmental Instrument Co., Ltd. is environmental pollution and water quality monitoring process experts in the field. We can provide equipment or integrity of the monitoring system. It mainly used in bio-fermentation, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, water and sewage treatment, etc. occasions. We also provide installation and maintenance. Water quality analysis: total organic carbon (TOC), toxicity, pH / ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH concentration of fluoride, turbidity, suspended solids, CODcr, CODMn, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen etc. Flow Level: electromagnetic flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeter, non-filled pipes flowmeter, channel flow meter, portable flowmeters, ultrasonic level gauge, ultrasonic level of poor, the turbine flowmeter, gear flowmeter, the Pistons flowmeter, water meters, etc.

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522 Fuxing Plaza, No. 109 Yandang Road, , Shanghai , 200020 China

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Monitoring and Testing
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