Designing, consulting and executing all environmental engineering plans in the field of rural and urban and industrial establishments, technical and engineering services, buying and selling and producing all laboratory establishments and equipments, monitoring, control and refining air pollutants , soil, water and sewage disposal management and recycling of waste and special waste, environmental impact assessment, optimization of fuel and energy consumption, design and construction industries, compost production, design and construction of wastewater, design and improvement of the landfill (leach ate treatment and gas extraction), design and implementation of water and sewage treatment plants, industrial and human resources, purchasing, sales.

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Level 5, 11 Queens Road , Melbourne , Vic 3004 Australia

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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)


  • Water, sewage, wastewater
  • Urban and industrial wastewater treatment, including design, construction and equipment, installation and implementation of municipal solid waste sanitary, landfill, composting plants and rubbish. Treatment and recovery of methane from landfills.
  • Measurement and control of water pollution in urban and rural.
  • Construction of Wastewater Treatment Packages
  • Studies, design, consulting and construction of refineries and, industrial Wastewater Treatment (types of septic tanks, anaerobic and aerobic packages), the central wastewater treatment plant, industrial, towns.

Solid Waste

  • Assessment and control of toxic materials, soil, water and oil, such as PCBs .
  • Measurement of pollutants in surface water and groundwater.
  • EIA projects,management


  • Measurement of air pollutants: exhaust, stack, indoor, outdoor, ambient
  • Installation of gas and dust filters on the industries stack :( Scrubber-Electro filter-Bag filter)