Shawcor is a world leading integrated energy services company and works in a variety of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial, electrical, electronic, automotive and communications. Shawcor helps keep construction projects and operations running smoothly and to specification through proprietary, technology-based products, services and solutions organized into four distinct groups.

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25 Bethridge Road , Toronto , M9W 1M7 Canada


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Service provider
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Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


Advanced line pipe and field joint coating technologies and logistics services


NDT and inspections, NDT equipment and systems, and engineering services


Critical asset management services and corrosion-prevention solutions


Reliably engineered electrical products and solutions

End-to-end support for every aspect of your operation.

We don’t sell commodities—we offer partnerships for performance. From consultation on solutions to project development and installation to operational services, we get to know your operational challenges and needs from the inside out. And we’ll even stay with you to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of your assets throughout the entirety of their life cycle, so you’re always operating at maximum productivity and profitability.

With steady, substantial growth since the 1930s, Shawcor has become an integrated services company operating more than 100 manufacturing and service facilities in 25 countries around the world.

Giving customers and suppliers confidence in our ability to fulfill extensive commitments over the long term.

To meet tight CAPEX and OPEX schedules, large pipeline construction projects and operations often require substantial upfront investments for mobilization and localized services.

With a strong balance sheet supporting our potential for significant future growth, Shawcor enjoys a distinct competitive advantage in our ability to fund significant internal and external opportunities—particularly within today's cyclical energy market.

This financial strength provides us with the ability to:

  • Take on major global, capital-intensive projects
  • Complete projects on schedule and to the full satisfaction of the client and objectives
  • Provide innovative, highly differentiated products and services to more customers
  • Provide full-service branch offices close to our customers' operations

Shawcor has led the industry in innovative problem solving for 85 years—and we’re not stopping now. Stay on the lookout for continued growth in operations, technologies and capacity over both the short and long term.

Leveraging innovative technology to simulate service conditions and ensure product reliability.


Through this vessel, we simulate deepwater service conditions for insulated pipe, flexible pipe and custom-coated subsea structures by controlling both water and pipe temperatures and applying pressure to the water surrounding the insulation coatings. By simulating these conditions and measuring the heat flow and compressive creep of the insulating material, we can advise the pipeline design engineer of both the thermal efficiency and depth rating of the insulation.


  • Insulated pipe is installed in a pressurized tank and tested under subsea pressure and temperature conditions for long periods of time to determine thermal performance over time.
  • Pressure increases are conducted in steps to determine the immediate and long-term response of insulation properties to changes in pressure.
  • With market requirements trending towards deep and ultra-deep exploration opportunities, the SSV has been designed to accommodate testing to an equivalent water depth up to 3,000 m (9,842 ft.) at an internal pipe temperature of up to 180°C (356°F).


  • We adjust testing schedules to accommodate customer requirements.
  • Our qualified on-site technical staff validates all test results via third-party inspections.


  • Testing accommodates the exact configuration of pipe that will be put into service, including large diameter (up to 610 mm [24 in.] OD) at lengths of up to 6 m (18 ft.) so that clients will have an accurate understanding of the thermal performance for their installed pipe.
  • The SSV can test both the field joint and the main line insulation.


  • Shawcor is able to measure how thermal conductivity and compressive response changes over time as a function of hydrostatic pressure.
  • The SSV can evaluate the insulation’s long-term reliability by testing cool-down time and creep.
  • The heating system ensures accuracy through precise temperature control.


  • Oil and gas
  • Subsea
  • Large diameter
  • Small diameter

Delivering high performance solutions to each stage of the pipeline cycle through extensive project design, construction and asset management.


Major companies around the world partner with Shawcor to ensure the performance of their pipelines. We are chosen for our commitment to be the integrity leader in all that we do:

  • IIF HSE program
  • Track record of project successes
  • Service excellence
  • Product qualifications
  • Broad network of regional and branch offices and field personnel

Cutting edge science and engineering which produces high performance solutions

Our insight and collaboration produce reliable solutions to complex challenges. We bring a wealth of understanding, technology and innovation to pipeline projects, operations and maintenance.

  • Investment in innovative R&D programs
  • 25 dedicated scientists
  • 182 patents and 143 pending patents
  • 86 proprietary formulations
  • Investments in material science and testing labs
  • Simulated Service Vessel (SSV)
  • Hydrostatic test facility and materials labs
  • 3,000 products dedicate to safe pipe storage and transportation
  • Product line of innovative, filmless NDT systems
  • Range of innovative, advanced NDT and inspections services

Teamwork which assures the reliability of project and asset management

  • Broad network of technical connections across the industry
  • Technical affiliations with six major universities
  • 35 locations providing onshore and offshore inspection services
  • In-house operating company expertise designing, commissioning and maintaining pipeline systems
  • Extensive global flexible linepipe product distribution network
  • Application review, technical support and contractor training for flawless execution

Unrivaled project execution and field support around the world

We ensure project success with our expertise, reliability and guidance:

  • Shawcor Management System (SMS) – built on Lean Six Sigma
  • Project management – we assist IOCs, NOCs and EPCs with all requirements
  • Data enablement – investments in tracing and data management technology
  • Focus on service quality – we strive for and focus on continuous improvement