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  • Metallurgical Testing Services

    Metallurgical Testing Services

    Whether your products are used in the air, on land, in the sea or in outer space, Sherry Laboratories' A2LA accredited and Nadcap approved metallurgical laboratories provides a complete assortment of reliable, high quality materials testing services committed to maintaining your precise specifications while meeting your scheduling requirements. Few labs around the world enjoy the range of prime approvals and professional accreditations garnered by...

  • Nonmetallic Testing Laboratory

    Nonmetallic Testing Laboratory

    In addition to standard mechanical, chemical and physical tests, our nonmetallic testing lab conducts analysis for identification of plastics, polymers, rubbers, fillers, additives, and contaminants. Not only do we provide analyses that help our customers determine conformance to specifications, but we play important roles in the evaluation of contamination issues and reverse engineering of competitor products. We understand the value of the...

  • Failure Analysis and Engineering Projects

    Failure Analysis and Engineering Projects

    When engineers, quality managers, and investigators encounter problems for which they need solutions that cannot be attained utilizing routine methodology or specification, they contact the problem solvers in the Sherry Engineering Group. The Sherry Engineering Group is comprised of engineers, chemists, nonmetallic analytical engineers, metallurgists, and test system design specialists. This multi-discipline approach by one unit is in essence a knowledge...

  • Environmental Testing Services

    Environmental Testing Services

    Sherry Laboratories provides full-service environmental analytical testing for a growing roster of municipal and industrial clients, engineering consultants and governmental agencies. Our environmental laboratories provide analytical services such as wastewater testing, land applied biosolids testing, stormwater analysis, drinking water testing, emissions testing, and bioassay testing. Customized project sample kits with preprinted labels and chain of...

  • Hydrocarbon Testing and Gas Standards

    Hydrocarbon Testing and Gas Standards

    Our dedicated staff takes pride in providing superior quality hydrocarbon analysis, field and route services, and customized NGL and gas standards specifically designed to meet your need within the timeline you establish. Our dedicated field technicians will perform field sampling and provides route pickup/delivery services throughout most of Louisiana. Our routes stretches as far west as Mont Belvieu, Texas, and as far east as Pascagoula, Miss....

  • Food and Microbiological Testing

    Food and Microbiological Testing

    Sherry Laboratories' food and microbiology testing services range from HACCP evaluations to food shelf life testing, from salmonella to acid producing microorganisms, and from special analyses outlined by our customers to procedures conducted in accordance with federal, national and state guidelines. Our laboratory is staffed by skilled scientists who are dedicated to providing continuous value for Sherry clients and their customers. En route to...