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  • Fuel & Fluid Metering / Conditioning

  • Sierra - Engine Fluid Temperature Control

    Sierra - Engine Fluid Temperature Control

    The Sierra temperature control assembly is designed to provide temperature control of engine coolant, engine oil and turbo/intercooler (or other cooling circuits) in engine test applications, from a single bed water feed and return. The compact module supports the rapid control of coolant flow through the three independent bed water circuits. These circuits are usually connected to suitably sized heat exchangers, which in turn are connected to the...

  • FuelTrak - Transient Mass Flow Meter

    FuelTrak - Transient Mass Flow Meter

    The FuelTrak Transient liquid flow meter for fuel is an innovative technical advancement to our FuelTrak Gravimetric  meter because it enables continuous transient and steady-state fuel gas flow metering, as well as density measurement.

  • Sierra - Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit

    Sierra - Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit

    Each Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit is designed to allow a range of settable fuel delivery pressures to be achieved. The pressure setpoint inputted by the customer (either directly entered into CADET V14, or client host system) is controlled by an electro pneumatically actuated regulator valve and a pressure transducer to provide pressure feedback. A PRT probe is also integrated to provide fuel temperature feedback. A pump on the inlet is used to...

  • Sierra - Fuel Dosing Rig

    Sierra - Fuel Dosing Rig

    Sierra's fuel dosing rig is designed to supply a continuous, precise, controllable dose of additive/additives to fuel for delivery to an engine or vehicle under test. The system is designed to provide a continuous supply of dosed fuel, with high precision fuel consumption measurement.