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  • Flue Gas Cleaning

  • Power Plants

    Power Plants

    The concept of applying cylindrical filter modules for Flue Gas Cleaning is a proven solution to prevent corrosion.The SimPulse 3C filter is the only pulse-jet filter concept on the market, providing an optimum utilization of the 'long bag' principle with a number of significant features.The combination of a cylindrical design and downflow filtration prevents  undesirable temperature gradients and facilitates...

  • Waste Incineration Plant

    Waste Incineration Plant

    Throughout the past hundred years incineration plants for municipal waste have continuously been developed technologically. From the old days' incineration plants with a remarkable impact on the environment, today's state-of-the-art plants are pro-environmental and energy-generating units.Even small-sized plants are generating and supplying eco-friendly thermic energy to their respective communities. Several incineration...